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Rock Climbing

by Chris

Sunday, July 19th 2020 at 1:09pm

Rock Climbing

You may not have a rock climbing wall at home, so boulder inside of your house! Just remember to stick to a very low height and have an adult watch you at all times.
Check out Reel Rock’s youtube page for inspiration, like Ashima climbing in Southern NY.


Participation – 4 points
Complete at least 3 top rope climbs – 3 points
Identifying equipment/ holds – 3 points
Basic technique (body position) – 3 points

Rappelling – 2 points
Belaying – 3 points
Technique (feet and hand position) – 4 points
Demonstrate knots – 3 points
Complete a cliff climb – 2 points

Knots (alpine, bowline, double figure 8) – 2 points
Complete all top-rope climbs – 3 points
Set a taped route highlighting a skill – 4 points
Peer teaching and contribution – 3 points
Advanced techniques – 3 points

Around the World – 2 points
Spotting technique – 2 points
Complete 1 colored and 1 taped route – 2 points

Floor is Lava
Equipment: None
Try to navigate from a starting point to an ending point without touching the ground. Practice finding holds for your hands and feet and balancing.

Equipment: A Twister game mat or colored dots laid out in a grid
This classic game will improve your strength and help focus your climber’s mind on where your next “hold” or hand and foot placement will be.

Climbing Knots
Find a bit of rope or string and practice these knots

Rock Climbing Fun Facts

1. One of the first recorded climbs was in 1492, by Antoine de Ville, when ascending Mount Inaccessible, Mont Aiguille, a 300-meter rock tower south of Grenoble, France. Under orders from his king, he applied the techniques for sieging castles to attain the summit.

2. The IFSC (International Federation of Sport Climbing) reports that the average age of their registered climbers is 19 years old.

3. Rock climbing can burn between anywhere from 500 to as much as 900 calories per hour. Not only that, but it can drive some great changes in your body composition, leading to more lean muscle mass.

4. The first artificial wall known to have been created was the Schurman Rock. It was built outdoors, at Camp Long Scout Camp and was designed by Clark Schurman. It took Schurman a year to design the wall using clay and then a subsequent two years, between 1938 and 1940 to construct the finished project.

5. A paper published by climbing injury researcher Volker Schöffl found that the rate of injury at a climbing wall in Germany was 0.02 per 1000 hours of climbing. When compared to other sports, this is actually quite low and is a similar number found by other studies.

6. Rock climbing is growing and fast, in the USA participation grew by 20,000 people between 2007 and 2014, but rocketed up by 150,000 between 2015 and 2020.

7. Climbing will officially be included in the Summer Olympics of 2020 (now in 2021), in Toyko Japan. The likely format will include sport climbing, bouldering, and speed climbing.

8. There are 14 mountains in the world over 8000 meters and the first person to climb them all was Reinhold Messner who completed the feat in 1986 without supplemental oxygen.

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