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Sr Boys Cabin Blogs

by Chris

Tuesday, July 10th 2018 at 8:40pm


We’ve had a busy and impressive first week of 2nd session in Elk! We welcomed 5 campers into our family, and they have been heavily involved in Camp life since day one. Tal had to decide between kayaking the Sacandaga River and competing against Forest Lake Camp in soccer! We are so proud that he was picked for both. Trip was selected to compete in Tennis against Forest Lake Camp next week as well! Sam went on a trip and climbed two of the Lake George Five Peaks. Our new resident windsurfers, Liam and Grant, came into their own during our windsurfing Cabin Night and crushed it out on the water. Hugo tried wakeboarding for the first time, and Arion slalomed for the first time! Arion is also competing against Forest Lake Camp in archery and is excited to kayak the Ottowa River. Taylor is eyeing being the centerpiece for the basketball game against Forest Lake Camp next week. Speaking of competing against other camps, Jack has been sailing in the Cheeseburger in Paradise Regatta against Northern Lake George Yacht Club and Southern Lake George Yacht Club. After one day of racing, Jack and his partner were in 10th place out of 30. Paul has taken a leadership role in waterskiing with Dylan, and he is looking forward to paddling the Ottawa River next week. Greg continued to excel in waterfront activities; especially in wakesurfing (he had a 3-minute surf!) and in windsurfing. Max went on a climbing trip earlier this week and is also playing in the soccer game against Forest Lake Camp. Lastly, we’d like to highlight that Trip and Sean have formed an inseparable bond in one short week and are even taking activities together!

We are so stoked for the rest of the session with this cabin! We look forward to seeing them continue to grow into leaders in Camp!

- Dylan, Alex, and Ben


The first week of second session has been quite eventful for Buffalo! Julian made the Forest Lake Camp tennis squad for next week! Aidan is also competing against Forest Lake Camp, but in archery. Henri, Charles, and Trey have been sailing in the Cheeseburger in Paradise Regatta this week! Trey is also looking forward to paddling the Ottawa River next week. George has been settling in and has taken an interest in Camp athletics (especially basketball and volleyball!). Bungie is ecstatic to be playing against Forest Lake Camp in basketball and has begun training with the team. Corbi has blossomed into a social butterfly and has been introducing his German culture to the cabin. Chris has really taken advantage of everything Camp has to offer and has particularly enjoyed being in the lake and canoeing. Ben and Zack have been enjoying stand up paddleboarding this week, and they have been super helpful to the counselors. Tanner placed into advanced canoeing this week and did a quintuple canoes-over-canoe T-rescue! We think it’s a first in Adirondack Camp history! Finally, we’d like to highlight that Mateo has demonstrated impressive leadership lately by helping in the Dining Hall and doing other tasks around Camp.

We are proud of the boys for having a good week 5, and we look forward to seeing them grow throughout the rest of the session.

- Mo, Ian, and Nick


We had a fun and smooth week 1 of second session in Moose Cabin! We welcomed Mark and Will as our new cabin counselors for second session, and we all went canoeing together for Cabin Night! It feels like the boys are becoming a cohesive group!

More specifically, this week, we had Keegan sailing in the Cheeseburger Regatta across the lake. Our cabin counselor, Scrappy, was across the lake with Keegan! Wesley also enjoyed sailing on Lake George this week, and Harry and Henry crushed it at canoeing with cabin counselor Will. Peter went whitewater rafting on the Hudson River this past week! James was chosen to compete in Blue/White and Forest Lake Camp tennis. Zach loved meeting all of the second session campers and went wakesurfing with his sister! Sean has adjusted well to ADK and particularly enjoyed kayaking! He is excited to go waterskiing next week! Collin moved in from Bear Cabin and is enjoying getting to know his new cabin mates. Jonah has also come out of his shell this week, and we’ve been very happy to see him connect with the other campers. Aidan scored two points in Blue/White ultimate frisbee which led the Blue team to a victory! Hayden’s favorite day this past week was Thursday because he got to help out in the Dining Hall and met our Chef, Carlo, and kitchen staff while he was there. Eli is well on his way to becoming an Adirondack Brave, and the rest of the boys are following suit with their silence tests!

We are so excited for the rest of the summer in Moose Cabin! All the best from the peninsula!

- Scrappy, Will, and Mark


The Heron boys have gone from strangers to good friends during this first week of Camp! They’ve already formed a strong cabin identity, and we are looking forward to the rest of the session with them!

Alessandro enjoyed playing soccer on the Ball Field this week and has been organizing cabin “Trunk Ball” (a special game that the boys invented) tournaments. Jeremy has been coming into his own, and his positive energy has been infectious around the cabin! Jack enjoyed senior trivia night, but we’ve all been missing him because unfortunately, he has had to spend a lot of time in the infirmary this week. Zach loved rock climbing this past week and is looking forward to another week up at the climbing wall. Aidan discovered wakesurfing and has adjusted smoothly to camp life; he is always smiling! Joseph went on the Buck Mountain trip on Wednesday and came back beaming about his hike. Julian has come out of his shell and is fully embracing the Camp routine. Mac has stepped up as a leader in the cabin and has enjoyed being in water activities all week!

There’s already a great cabin dynamic, and we are all excited to see what the boys can accomplish together throughout the rest of the summer!

- Max, Tom, Micah, Zach, Paul (CIT), and Max (CIT)

Crazy Horse

Looking back at week 5 and Crazy Horse’s first week of session two the boys have made some incredible memories already. Kade had a great time going to Forest Lake Camp (our rivals) to compete in archery. Trevor, Nick T, Pablo and Marco all worked together on a team playing soccer against Forest Lake, taking away a 4-2 win! Rick is loving the new surroundings and teaching the guys in the cabin some Chinese and improving his English. Matthew enjoyed our Cabin Night, we took out the Megladons and played king of the hill. Khassime impressed the cabin by taking on one of our staff members in a one-on-one in basketball and winning. Nick M is thriving on being able to help the Rangers and sharing some of his experience from last year in the cabin. Joe has found a new appreciation for Land Sports since not being able to get in the water and is now continuing some of these next week! Will and Avery jumped right back into his love of going on trips and completing a 46’er. Alex has enjoyed the fresh faces in the cabin and loves all the new music tastes and talking about his passion for music. Both Kole and Charlie, this week in kayaking, managed to not only get their roll but also achieved their handrolls, not an easy feat! The past week saw most of our sailors, including Jason and Riley, head across the lake for the Cheeseburger Regatta and race for two days, stepping up as leaders and helping the others get their boats ready and race.

For most of the boys, this is there first time being Rangers. Our returning boys from last session, and last year have been showing them the ropes and as a cabin are stepping up to the role of Rangers. Our first attempt at making waffles this weekend was the smoothest one we’ve had all summer with all the Rangers taking the responsibilities and rocking it! We have a lot of fun things planned over the coming weeks, and all the staff are sure they can handle anything we throw their way!

- Marshall, August, Ken, and Dan


It’s been great to see the Bear boys rekindling old friendships and building new ones with first year campers during the first week of the second session!

We’d like to share some more specifics about what the campers enjoyed this week. Nate D. and Sam represented Adirondack against Forest Lake Camp in soccer! ADK won by a 4-3 margin! Leo enjoyed sailing and acting as the “Cabin DJ” this past week. Daniel T. helped out at fencing throughout the week after convincing Rachel, our Program Director to give him two periods of it. Jack Mc. has been doing a bit of everything while also entertaining us with his crazy humor. Max has adjusted to camp life well, and he’s been showing off his guitar skills in the cabin and at campfires. Jack M. loved tubing during Cabin Night on Thursday, and he also did a good job in wakesurfing this week. Kam has been coming out of his shell a lot more and seems to be enjoying Camp. Dom has enjoyed being active and has even been exercising with cabin counselor Charlie. Tom passed his silence test to become a Brave on the first day of Camp and has since become the most social and outspoken kid in the cabin! Nate B. has been our resident Camp expert and has been sharing “Camp tips” with the rest of the kids. Daniel V. has enjoyed getting involved in the cabin, and we’ve appreciated his maturity and willingness to help. Ryan crushed it at windsurfing this week and is quickly emerging as a leader in the cabin.

We are absolutely loving the cabin dynamic, and we look forward to next week and the rest of second session!

- Matt, Michael, and Charlie

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