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A Message to Parents

When Linda and I purchased Adirondack some three plus decades ago, I felt as if I had come full circle in my own life. Twenty-five years earlier, I had started out nervously on my own career as a camper at Adirondack, and just three years prior we had rediscovered Adirondack for our daughter, Shawn. She was ten at the time, and I watched her go through the same childhood days of mischief, madcap skits, Blue/White escapades, coming home deeply proud of her new-found ability to swim two miles without breaking a stroke. Now, here I was buying this same camp Shawn and I had loved as children—and not just any camp, but Adirondack! Incredible! The headline was right–Camp, truly, was so much fun that we bought it!

A good summer camp requires much hard work; and Linda and I are proud of the extraordinary 24/7 commitment made each summer to a lucky 180-200 campers, at a time, by our extended family of some ninety strong staff from around the world. A great summer camp, however demands even more. It must be, at once, that completely safe place where bold hearts and strong character are built on the wings of outrageous fun, extraordinary friendships and lifelong values and where young people can be inspired to pursue their true selves within the boundaries of the twin values of individualism and community and with a sense of purpose and delight.

This is how I remember Adirondack when I was a boy; and this is how Linda and I pledge to you we shall keep it!

Alex Levitch

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