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Sr Girls’ Cabin Blogs

by Chris

Monday, August 6th 2018 at 1:59pm


Week 6 was another fantastic week in Wolf Den. The girls have really started to realize how special it is to be a Ranger, and how close that you get to the other girls your Wolf Den year. It is a really special experience that they are so excited that they get to share with one another. The girls are even happier because Gillian extended and gets to spend an extra week with us! But we will miss Sydney so much! We love being able to see the girls grow into such amazing leaders. The younger girls really look up to them, and they are taking on the responsibility wonderfully. We can’t wait to see how their bond and leadership continues to grow over the next two weeks.

Sincerely, Julia, Ellen, Gemma, and Skye (Wolf Den Staff)



We are so lucky to get to have the remarkable group of girls that we have in Northwind. Having such a large cabin and the large group makes for so many awesome personalities coming together as one. Our diverse group of girls makes Northwind truly special. The girls really loved their movie night and snacks in the staff room this week for Cabin Night. We missed Gillian while she was on her trip, but we’re so glad to have her back and in the swing of things. We had some good girl talk during the week as well, and we feel like every time we get together it only brings us closer together. We love getting to spend time together as a cabin. They said Goodbye to Allison for the summer, but they know they’ll see her again next year!

Sincerely, Julia, Jules, Kristin, and Jacinda (Northwind Staff)



Panther Cabin is having a fantastic time so far this session. Maria’s Rose for the week was how much she loves Camp, her cabin, her activities, and everything here. The girls are so full of love, and it is so wonderful to see them sharing with one another and everyone around them. Panther ditched the crazy clothes for the dance and went in their cute outfits for a more casual look. They loved the new fairy lights outside the dining hall and had a blast dancing the night away with their best friends. The girls were sad to see Isabelle and Riley go this week, but are also excited to get Juju moving into the cabin this weekend and excited that Clare extended!

Sincerely, Kyra, Gaby, and Dev (Panther Staff)



Sometimes the transition from Intermediate to Senior can be challenging, but these girls are making the switch and taking names! They are truly such a solid and strong group of girls. We are extremely privileged to get to see them grow as a unit and make friends that we know will last a lifetime. We have girls all the way from Scotland, Switzerland, and New Zealand! So the girls are extremely lucky to get to meet their peers from all over the world. Even though they are all so different, they still find the things that make them similar. It is a really wonderful thing to get to watch their friendships grow and prosper. Although it was sad that Circe went home this week, watching the girls all group hug was a highlight of our week. Sincerely, Sarah, Shayla, Sydney, and Penny (Cougar Staff)
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