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“Elizabeth “Beth” Avery is an 18-year-old freshman in college currently attending Simmons University. She is studying Exercise Science on a 3+3 track to get her Doctorate in Physical Therapy. Beth began attending Adirondack Camp in 2009, starting in Deer Cabin and has gone back ever since. Beth lives on Cape Cod. She was a CIT in 2017 and received The Pam Warrick Award for Best CIT. She also won the Dance Plaque two years in a row as a camper and received her canoe paddle necklace showing her excellence and enthusiasm in canoeing. This will be Beth’s 10th summer attending ADK. This summer, Beth will be teaching Canoeing, and cannot wait for summer to arrive! To Beth, the most amazing thing about Adirondack Camp is the ability to make friends and meet people from all around the world. She loves the community that is made at camp and has found friends that will last her a lifetime. A fun fact about Beth is that she loves all of the Disney Princesses, but Belle is her favorite princess of all time. Another fun fact is that Beth is a second generation camper and counselor at Adirondack Camp, as is her brother, Jake, following in the footsteps of her mom, aunt, and uncle.”