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Water Skills

Eva is a perky girl raised in a small village in the countryside of Germany with her parents, a younger brother, her cat and a dog.

Born as a daughter of a water polo professional in October 1996, Eva could literally swim before she could walk. But in the absence of a water polo team, she decided to switch sports from swimming pool to the gym. Since that time she is loyal to playing handball..14 years by now. Nevertheless, her love of swimming is still with her and part of her daily life in case of work and spare time. This is going to be her first summer at Adirondack, but her second one as a watersport camp counselor. She will be part of the swimming team and maybe contributes some international stuff.

This spring she graduated at the University of Duisburg-Essen in Sports and English, for becoming a teacher once.

If she is not doing sports by herself, she likes watching her family and friends winning their matches and competitions, do arts or just hang out with her loved ones.

Her mother always says about her: “Curly hair curly sense“, but she´ll do her best in every way and is really looking forward to seeing you soon.