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Senior Mentor, Canoeing

Peter grew up in England, near the North Sea. He spent many of his formative years in kayaks, and competed in both slalom and marathon racing. Not until reaching the US did he discover the joys of canoeing: the relaxed pace, the access to wild places that no other craft can offer, the thrill of being immersed in nature, being part of that nature.

Drawing on his love of teaching, which fuelled 18 years as a high school science educator in the UK, Peter now takes delight in helping others to share these joys of canoeing, both by offering instruction directly to campers and by helping the counsellors to hone their own teaching skills.
The paddling techniques which drove his competitive career now inform the way that he approaches canoeing, making all paddle strokes things of efficiency, effectiveness and elegance. This mind-set is what allows the paddler to go farther to more remote places, to enjoy the surroundings rather than focussing always on the mechanics of paddling. It was this mind-set that underpinned Peter’s successful through-paddle of the Northern Forest Canoe Trail in 2013 in one of his self-built cedar canoes.

In his 10th year at Camp, it is his fervent wish that Adirondack campers should be inspired to attempt something similar, should develop the skills needed to help such a dream to come true, and so should have the opportunity to experience first-hand the powerful sense of achievement and personal growth that Peter has found through canoeing.