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Land Sports Jobs

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Ever played archery bowling? Or shot at pressurized plastic containers that explode? Archery is a little different here at Adirondack. We require instructors who must be capable of teaching both fundamental and advanced instruction, while simultaneously making it safe and fun. Skills we require include correct shooting form, safety, range rules, and equipment knowledge and care. We can also provide a USA Archery qualification provided by our on-site archery mentor.

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Our athletics program is split into basketball, soccer, volleyball, and all-sports (various team-based sports like dodgeball). Our energetic and innovative staff keep our athletics program fun for new and experienced athletes. Our focus is less on competition and more on skill-building, teamwork, and sportsmanship. We require an experienced teaching proficiency in at least two of these sports.

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Our fencing instructors must have knowledge of foil, épée, and saber fencing. They must also have the ability to demonstrate the correct technique, teach basic tactics, and have the ability to referee bouts in each discipline. Competitive experience, referee training, and the ability to troubleshoot and maintain electrical fencing equipment are highly desirable. Above all, the instructor must enjoy working with children and have enormous enthusiasm for sharing the sport.

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We require our tennis instructors at Adirondack to have a good knowledge and skill of tennis, while also possessing exceptional teaching skills such as patience and creating lesson variety. They must be able to teach a high standard of instruction to a wide variety of age and skill levels. From working with beginners who are picking up a racket for the first time, to advanced players who want to perfect their ace serve.

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Rock Climbing

Our rock-climbing program includes the in-camp climbing wall, bouldering, and occasionally assisting with out-of-camp rock climbing trips. We require instructors who can run this activity safely. Instructors must have a competent knowledge of rope systems, knots, and safety procedures. We offer comprehensive on-site training of our set-up here by a PCIA instructor, but having a high-level knowledge of climbing beforehand is essential.


  • Current certification in rock climbing instruction and/or documented training and experience in a variety of progressive experiences, including wall climbing, rock face climbing, and rappelling.
  • Current American Red Cross First Aid and CPR is required.