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Important Dates

Monday, June 8th

Trip staff arrives at camp.

Tuesday, June 10th

All Kitchen staff arrive.

Wednesday, June 11th

Staff in Red Cross Lifeguard training arrives.

Sunday, June 14th

All Pillar Heads and Line Heads arrive.

Tuesday, June 15th

Red Cross Lifeguard re-certification

Tuesday, June 16th

All other International staff arrives.

Wednesday, June 17th

Staff training begins for all staff. All staff needs to be in camp by 2 pm. Note: we will not be making airport pick-ups on this date. See Travel Information for scheduled airport pick-up dates, times, and locations.

Sunday, June 28th

Campers arrive!

Sunday, July 26th

The second session begins!

Thursday, August 20th

Campers depart.

Friday, August 21st

Staff departs.

Travel Information

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