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Land Sports

Fencing Instruction at Overnight Camp


Ever tie dyed shirts by shooting at balloons filled with paint?! Experienced instructors must be capable of teaching the fundamentals as well as advanced instruction—and keeping it fun. Skills include form, safety, range rules, equipment, and mental preparation.

Athletics: Basketball, Lacrosse, Soccer, Volleyball

Energetic and innovative staff keeps our athletics program fun for new and experienced athletes. Our focus is less on competition and more on skill building, teamwork and sportsmanship. Skills include teaching ability in at least two of these sports.


The fencing instructor must have the ability to demonstrate correct technique, teach basic tactics, and have the ability to referee beginner foil bouts with a good understanding of right of way. Competitive experience (intercollegiate and/or USFA), FOC referee training, the ability to troubleshoot and maintain electrical fencing equipment, and the ability to teach more than one weapon are big pluses. Above all, the counselor must enjoy working with children and have patience, energy and enthusiasm for sharing the sport with children.


Develop, coordinate and teach a tennis program consistent with standards of USTA. Skills include teaching ability in both singles and doubles, from fundamentals to advanced tournament play.

Water Sports

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