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CITs (Counselors-In-Training) are 17 years old. Camp CIT positions are limited, and the program is application based. While exceptions can be made, the CIT program is open almost exclusively to former campers.

A counselor in training sails Lake George with younger campers

What They Say About ADK

Shiloh is walking taller in all areas of her life right now. It was hard work and she rose to the challenge. I am not sure she thought she could do it before she left. Now she has a solid portfolio of accomplishments to build upon. I am happy for her and her BIG summer away from home. Parent of Shiloh M, CIT

At its heart, the CIT summer camp program is an extension of the Ranger Program–but, with full emersion, this time, in an advanced leadership program that stresses, among other things, teaching, coaching and mentoring of younger campers in specific activities, designing and implementing lesson plans, working with Camp leadership to manage Blue/White games, Awiskini ceremonies, Parents’ Visit, supporting the entire food management and kitchen operations. In short, camp CITs have an opportunity to apply their prior knowledge and understanding for the traditions and character of our overnight summer camp toward gaining specific insights into and helping to perpetuate the secrets that make Adirondack the great traditional camp that it is.

Once having mastered the CIT program, those camp CITs selected as candidates for camp counselor staff will be invited back to join Adirondack’s staff, following on the heels of a successful tenure as a camp counselor-in-training.

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