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Happy Birthday to you HOW!!!!!

by Chris

Monday, October 15th 2012 at 4:18pm

Adirondack Camp would like to wish a huge Happy Birthday to all our alumni who have birthdays in the month of October!

Adam E
Alan S
Alex F
Alex O
Alexandra C
Allan G
Allana G
Alma A
Amanda H
Angele M
Anna Minhua S
Anna-Karin M
Anne V
Ben K
Ben T
Beth F
Brandon S
Caitlin L
Caitlin E. C
Carol A
Caroline C
Caroline S
Catherine R
Charles N
Charles N
Charlie N
Christine C
Christopher B
Claire S
Connor B
Cynthia R
David S
Dennis P
Dila O
Douglas C
Eleanor J
Elizabeth M
Ellen F
Ellowyn K
Emery C
Emily C
Emma T
Erica C
Evgeny B
Francois R
Frank S
Fred K
Frederick L
Gaby M
Gates W
Gemma B
George L
Giancarlo G
Gino K
Grace B
Gregg N
Guillermo W
Gus C
Hannah B
Hannah D
Henry C
Hugo A
J.R. H
Jai Nicole B
James C. G
Javier B
Jeroen F
Jesse B
Jessica F
Jim G
Joaquin C
Joel S
Jose Miguel A
Joseph M
Joshua D
Julia B
Justin P
Kaitlin C
Kalie G
Karl S
Karly G
Kate H
Katherine S
Kelly M
Kendrick P
Kyleigh N
Lauren P
Leo M
Leonid K
Lisanne W
Malcolm S
Marc D
Marcin C
Margueite M
Maria H
Maria O
Maria Antonia C
Marta C
Mathilde B
Matt S
Matthew S
Matthew S
Matthew T
Max G
Max R
Maya K
Megan K
Michelle T
Miles T
Millie D
Molly O
Nicholas G
Olivia M
Olukorede S
Omar S
Oriana B
Paul B
Paul D
Peter D
Pieter H
Rebecca G
Renee M
Rentaro M
Robert W
Rocky B
Roderick H
Ryan H
Sam N
Samuel G
Sarah B
Sarah M
Sarah R
Shannon M
Stephanie B
Stephen B
Susan G
Thomas L
Thomas M
Tim C
Tucker K
Van F
Vittoria P
Vladimir T
Wendy H
William P
William P

You are able to look at a world map and point to different countries and say, “I have a friend from there”

by Chris

Monday, September 17th 2012 at 2:27pm

I Love having International campers at camp. You are able to look at a world map and point to different countries and say, “I have a friend from there”. Also you learn a lot about different countries! For example I have a French and Russian camper in my cabin and they have been teaching me words in their native language!
- Abby C

Favorite Moment of the Summer...

by Alex

Wednesday, August 29th 2012 at 12:50pm

Elena Herrero Quotes

“I can’t pinpoint my favorite moment because every day I had so much fun. From the activities to getting into Blue/White, hanging out with everyone or just chilling in the cabin, everything was amazing. I’d have to say some of my favorite moments were from when I was out sailing and up at rock climbing. Getting 5 holds on the left wall and 6 on the overhang was amazing. Also racing with the Yacht Club, including in the Cheeseburger in Paradise Regatta. I also had some very memorable trips. Mainly though just being with everyone made my summer.” —Elena H, 2012 Camper

Our Campers Miss Camp, and We Miss Them!

by Alex

Monday, August 27th 2012 at 6:54pm

“My daughter is a lot more self reliant and affectionate (I’m surprised). She is so happy to have had the experience and she wears her camp attire with pride. It brings back memories when she wears her shorts and camp shirts. She even sleeps with her camp pillow that all her “new” camp friends and counselors signed. Overall, it was a terrific experience for her!" —Rosie S, 2012 Parent

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