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2019 Early Enrollment Ends October 10th.

by Chris

Wednesday, September 12th 2018 at 3:44pm

Dear Parents,

We hope you and your family have been enjoying some quality time together and are back into the school routine taking full advantage of the fall. By now your kids have likely shared some of their many happy memories of time on the peninsula. On our end, we have been busy taking stock of the summer and are already discussing summer 2019.

We wanted to let you know that there are only a few weeks left for Early Enrollment for Summer 2019! It may seem early to think about next summer, but enrolling early guarantees your camper/s a space for next summer and ensures that you receive our Early Enrollment prices. Our CIT Program will likely have a waiting list and based on parent requests we anticipate our Ranger Program and other age groups will quickly fill.

You may submit your application by logging into your CampInTouch account, clicking on the camper application and selecting the 2019 season from the drop-down menu. A $1200 deposit is due at the time of registration. If you need to reactivate your account, please let us know. Please also explore the option through CampMinder to ensure your tuition.

Spaces will likely be limited again this year, so please do not wait too long to enroll. If you need help enrolling or have any questions, please contact us at 518-547-8261.

Have a wonderful school year, and we hope to see you and your family again next summer!

Rikki Galusha
Director of Admissions
Adirondack Camp
518-547-8261 Fax: 518-547-8973

Sr Boys Cabin Blogs

by Chris

Monday, August 13th 2018 at 6:12pm


This week Elk Cabin paddled across the lake to Waltonian Island for an overnight trip! We had a ton of fun swimming, eating pizza, and bonding by the fire. The campers also participated in Blue/White staff hunt and volleyball. The White Team won staff hunt and the Blue Team won volleyball!

We welcomed Max to the cabin on Sunday and he has been enjoying basketball and trying wakeboarding! Jack crushed it in the Blue/White sailing and windsurfing regattas. Liam did really well in the Blue/White windsurfing regatta as well! Hugo is back in waterskiing and he has been a force in the camp-wide tennis tournament. Sam has been hiking a lot and he went on Camp’s signature “Five Alive” trip (where the campers hike the 5 peaks surrounding Lake George — all in one day!). Paul really liked paddling in the stern of our ten-person War Canoes on the way to Waltonian for our overnight. Tal was in advanced kayaking all week and participated in Blue/White kayaking last Thursday. Max was the team runner for Blue/White swim hunt and he is preparing to be the runner for Blue/White medley in the final week of Camp. Greg went on the water ski trip and slalomed on his second attempt ever! Arion has really shown his leadership skills as captain of the Blue Team and he has helped his team equalize the summer score with the White Team. Grant has been on lots of climbing trips and has been a helping hand in the cabin. Trip was a big part of the team that beat Forest Lake Camp in tennis! He was also part of the winning duo to take out the White Team in Blue/White tennis!

We are so proud of the Elk campers for growing into the leaders of Camp. The sky will be the limit for these boys as Rangers next year! Noonway for the last time from the peninsula!

- Sean, Dylan, Alex, and Ben


Last weekend we welcomed Larry and Henry into the cabin. Larry and George have hit it off and can always be found together during rest hour and evening activities. Larry also got up on water skis for the first time! Henry has transitioned into Camp life seamlessly and has made a lot of friends quickly. We are so happy to have Larry and Henry as part of our Buffalo family!

During the third week of Second Session, Buffalo Cabin went tubing on Thursday night. This was Chris’ first time behind a boat and he had an absolute blast as did the rest of the boys. Julian and Bungie have been inseparable both in and out of the cabin sharing many of the same activities like diving and rescue and frisbee. Tanner and Trey helped out the counselors in the younger boys’ cabins by telling them stories and playing them music during bedtime routines. They are eager to continue helping on the Junior/Intermediate Line! Corbi starred in the weekly Eagle-i video as the main villain from Jumanji! The video can be found on the camp youtube channel. Ben really liked sailing this past week while Zach really liked stand up paddleboarding with Counselor Ian. Mateo continues to be a leader in the cabin and on the whole Boys’ Line.

As the summer winds to an end, we look forward to finishing strong with our great group of boys. Noonway!

- Ian, Nick, and Mo


We had an awesome time this past week! Many of the boys stood out in Blue/White competitions and/or representing Adirondack Camp against Forest Lake Camp. We also had a lot of fun simply spending time together in the cabin and at meals!

Max’s guitar skills progressed meaningfully while working with our Guest Artists and he capped off the week by performing in ADKchella! He also played music for the younger boys during their bedtime routines. Daniel T. also joined Max in helping the Junior/ Intermediate counselors put the younger campers to bed a number of nights this week. Daniel T. also fenced against Forest Lake Camp! Nate D. has been playing a lot of basketball and really enjoyed Blue/White staff hunt and volleyball. Daniel V. has been very involved in arts activities while Sam has been heavily involved in canoeing. Ryan is a standout in windsurfing and Leo is a standout in sailing. They both participated in their respective Blue/White regattas last week. Tom completed his silence, service, and memory tests during the week and was inducted as an Adirondack Brave! How Brave! Nate B. has loved chilling in the cabin and getting to know everyone. Asher joined the cabin last Sunday and really enjoyed wakeboarding during the week.

Lastly, we’d like to report that Tyler joined our cabin as a Counselor In Training. We are super excited for an A1 Adirondack end to the summer in Bear Cabin!

- Matt, Michael, Charlie, and Tyler


It was an exhilarating Week Seven in Moose Cabin! We went sailing for Cabin Night, we captured counselors during Blue/White staff hunt, we enjoyed music during ADKchella, and we played games of skill and daring during Awiskini!

Individually, Sean played really well in Blue/White Volleyball. He got a number serves in and helped lead the Blue Team to victory! Harry and Henry completed their Lake George Five and then did them again on Friday during the “Five Alive” trip! Speaking of trips, Aidan went on a Rock Climbing Trip and Keegan went on the Windsurfing Trip after competing in the Blue/White Windsurfing Regatta! Wesley skippered for the White team in the Blue/White sailing regatta and did really well against the Ranger sailors! James did incredibly well in the camp-wide Tennis tournament throughout the week while Collin really enjoyed Stand Up Paddleboarding. Jonah has come out of his shell to befriend everyone in the cabin and Eli has continued to be a cabin leader by serving as the voice of reason for all. We are also happy to report that Fran joined us as a Counselor In Training and Joel joined us as a visiting Counselor this past week.

How Moose Cabin! We are pumped for a strong and fun finish to the summer!

- Scrappy, Mark, Fran, Joel, and Will


We had so much fun during our third week together in Heron Cabin. The boys have become a tight knit crew and they love spending time together! We also welcomed a new Counselor In Training into the cabin (Benj) and the campers have enjoyed spending time with him as well!

This past week Joseph and Zack went on the Fire Tower Frenzy trip – both were upset that the trip had to end early but they had a ton of fun while hiking on the trip! Zach has also been enjoying rock climbing and he even went on a rock climbing trip recently. Julian has really found his feet throughout the session and continues to surprise us on a daily basis with his maturity. Jack ambitiously decided to partake in the Big Triangle swim (a 1.8-mile swim!) after enjoying swimming the Medium Triangle this past week. Alessandro learned how to roll a kayak this past week and is now super excited about paddling for years to come! Mack raved about sailing throughout the week and had a schedule full of water sports activities. Jeremy’s infectious smile has continued to brighten the mood within the cabin and throughout the entire Senior Boys’ Line!

We are proud of our Heron campers because they have grown so much this summer, and we are excited to end the session on a high note! Noonway from Heron Cabin!

- Tom, Micah, Max, Benj, Korben, and Zach

Crazy Horse
So it has finally come, for some of our boys this is our last full week at Camp and it has been one they will remember forever!

Khassime, Nick M., Nick T. and Pablo had a blast taking on our rival camp at Forrest Lake basketball. Kade also faced off against Forest Lake Camp in fencing and had a great time! He also completed our signature “Five Alive” Trip! Rick has had a fun week with all of his activities being based in the water. Matthew took part in one of our SUP trips going over to different places on the lake. Kole, Charlie, and Jason have continued to grow in kayaking after a great time on the Sacandaga River. Will and Avery have been taking every opportunity to go on our last week of trips. Alex had fun shadowing one of our waterski staff and seeing what life as a counselor is like. Riley spent the last week fighting to bring the Blue Team to victory with a packed week of Blue/White events! Ronald is enjoying his second year in the best cabin in Camp and getting to know the new campers!

With this being our last week and some of our last summers as campers, we are rocking it and making sure it’s one we’ll never forget! HOW RANGERS!!

- Dan, August, Marshall, and Ken

Sr Girls’ Cabin Blogs

by Chris

Monday, August 6th 2018 at 1:59pm


Week 6 was another fantastic week in Wolf Den. The girls have really started to realize how special it is to be a Ranger, and how close that you get to the other girls your Wolf Den year. It is a really special experience that they are so excited that they get to share with one another. The girls are even happier because Gillian extended and gets to spend an extra week with us! But we will miss Sydney so much! We love being able to see the girls grow into such amazing leaders. The younger girls really look up to them, and they are taking on the responsibility wonderfully. We can’t wait to see how their bond and leadership continues to grow over the next two weeks.

Sincerely, Julia, Ellen, Gemma, and Skye (Wolf Den Staff)



We are so lucky to get to have the remarkable group of girls that we have in Northwind. Having such a large cabin and the large group makes for so many awesome personalities coming together as one. Our diverse group of girls makes Northwind truly special. The girls really loved their movie night and snacks in the staff room this week for Cabin Night. We missed Gillian while she was on her trip, but we’re so glad to have her back and in the swing of things. We had some good girl talk during the week as well, and we feel like every time we get together it only brings us closer together. We love getting to spend time together as a cabin. They said Goodbye to Allison for the summer, but they know they’ll see her again next year!

Sincerely, Julia, Jules, Kristin, and Jacinda (Northwind Staff)



Panther Cabin is having a fantastic time so far this session. Maria’s Rose for the week was how much she loves Camp, her cabin, her activities, and everything here. The girls are so full of love, and it is so wonderful to see them sharing with one another and everyone around them. Panther ditched the crazy clothes for the dance and went in their cute outfits for a more casual look. They loved the new fairy lights outside the dining hall and had a blast dancing the night away with their best friends. The girls were sad to see Isabelle and Riley go this week, but are also excited to get Juju moving into the cabin this weekend and excited that Clare extended!

Sincerely, Kyra, Gaby, and Dev (Panther Staff)



Sometimes the transition from Intermediate to Senior can be challenging, but these girls are making the switch and taking names! They are truly such a solid and strong group of girls. We are extremely privileged to get to see them grow as a unit and make friends that we know will last a lifetime. We have girls all the way from Scotland, Switzerland, and New Zealand! So the girls are extremely lucky to get to meet their peers from all over the world. Even though they are all so different, they still find the things that make them similar. It is a really wonderful thing to get to watch their friendships grow and prosper. Although it was sad that Circe went home this week, watching the girls all group hug was a highlight of our week. Sincerely, Sarah, Shayla, Sydney, and Penny (Cougar Staff)

Week 2 Girl's Cabin Blogs

by Chris

Friday, July 13th 2018 at 8:09pm


Mink Cabin has had a full week of trying many different activities all around Camp. The Arts Pillar was a major favorite this week, with many girls trying out photography, ceramics, painting, and dance! Ginevra’s favorite part of the week was performing her dance in front of the whole Camp, and Amelia’s favorite was getting to see the performance! Amanda also loved the arts this week and was excited about a book that she made for her mom. Two girls, Amelia and Haley, went out on an early morning fishing trip this week! They had a ton of fun and caught a lot of fish.

Mink Cabin was also very proud to be the inspection winners of week one! We are going to miss Amanda and Amelia who are leaving this weekend so much, but also look forward to welcoming our two new campers!

- Cass, Taylor, and Dana


The hot weather on the peninsula has led to Deer Cabin spending a majority of this week in the water! For Cabin Night they had so much fun tubing! They’ve also been in the water for activities, like waterskiing, canoeing, swimming, and kayaking! The girls have been working hard on developing their skills in these activities. Grace got up in waterskiing for the first time, and Morgan got her roll in kayaking!

Deer Cabin has been full of ADK Camp spirit this week. They have loved playing in Blue/White, dancing at the dance, and have even been working hard to improve their inspection scores. Last but not least, Deer Cabin loves their cabin ball named Petunia! The girls cannot stop talking about and playing with their favorite glittery ball.

We are going to miss Morgan, Tate, Xan, and Grace so much, but are excited to welcome our new two weekers!

- Zoe, Kristen, Cat


Fox Cabin has done a lot of bonding this past week. One of their favorite things to do together as a cabin is Polar Bear. All the girls jump into Junior Cove in the morning for an invigorating start to the day. To end the day, the girls all get snuggled in their beds and listen to their counselors read Harry Potter. The whole cabin was also very excited to eat chicken patties for lunch one day this week!

Fox campers have been working hard together to get higher scores on inspection. The girls were very supportive of Lila who performed a hilarious drama skit — a riff on Shark Tank — for all of Camp. They were also very proud of Calliope who tried pickles for the first time!

We are all going to miss Cleo who went home this weekend considerably. Noonway Cleo!

- Zan, Liv, Mill


Lynx Cabin has grown close over the past two weeks. Lynx is well known for their pre-bedtime dance parties. After the dance party, they have a great time getting to know one another during their daily question/answer circle once everyone is all tucked in. One of their most recent questions was “If you could name the 51st State what would it be and what would it be known for?”. The girls have had a lot of fun in water activities with it being so hot! Wet and Wild Wednesday in Canoeing is a massive hit for Lynx Cabin; it was Katya and Heidi’s favorite part of the week! Sophia swam the Medium Triangle, Bella had fun in wobble wars at SUP, and Sarah loved playing on the new water mat at Intermediate Point. We are looking forward to Hannah joining us this weekend!

Congratulations to Lynx Cabin on winning week one inspection!

- Fiona, Alanah, Alice


Caribou Cabin has had a fabulous week! The girls are bonding and forming memories that will last a lifetime. They loved watching fireworks together on the 4th of July and love when they get to watch the sunset together. Most of Caribou Cabin has been out on several different trips this week! Aurora, Francesca, Paige, and Sophie all went on a three-day Northville-Placid Trail (NLP) trip. When they came back several of the girls went out on even more trips! The girls bond every night by sharing answers to a different interesting question. One night one of their questions was “If you could travel back to any time period, what would it be?”. At the beginning of the week we welcomed Violette, and this weekend Anna is joining us! Isabelle and Abigail had to leave this weekend, and we will miss them greatly!

- Erin, Sydney, Eimear, Veronica


WE HAD CHICKEN PATTIES FOR LUNCH ON WEDNESDAY!! Sometimes it’s the little things :)

Cougar had a very chill week. One of the girls’ highlights was their “Cloud Circle” where they laid in a circle, stared up at the clouds, and talked about life. Cougar Cabin is making the transition from Intermediates to Seniors swimmingly. They do everything together and are such a strong unit. They support each other and encourage one another, in activities and in the cabin. We are so impressed in how close they have gotten to one another, and we are so proud to help them on their journey on to the Senior Line. We can’t wait to see them grow throughout the summer.


Sarah, Shayla, and Penny (Cougar Staff)


In the words of Sophie Parr, “this week was exquisite, decadent, and delightful.” Panther Cabin was full of giggles all week long, and enjoyed many activities! Isabel learned to windsurf, Zoey and Lily loved their rock climbing trips, and SUP was a hit with Panther Cabin this week. 4th of July was a highlight this week for the cabin. We sat out on Senior Point with chill music and watched the fireworks across the lake. It was perfect Cabin bonding time and an excellent way to spend the night of the 4th. The American girls in the cabin were excited to share the tradition of fireworks with the International girls. Week 2 was one for the books!


Kyra, Julia, and Dev (Panther Staff)


We are incredibly proud of how inclusive all of our girls in Northwind are! We always knew they were great girls, but we are so happy that they are able to bond as one large group in such a large cabin. Anie Cleary brought her ukelele to camp, and the girls have been writing a song together. They add a new verse every few days. They sing it for anyone who will listen, and it keeps us laughing all day. They are one of the closest cabins we have among the Senior girls, and we couldn’t be more excited to have them all.


Gemma, Jules, Gaby, Kristin, and Jacinda (Northwind Staff)


Week 2 was another excellent week in Wolf Den. The girls are getting closer and closer by the day. They bonded together both as girls and with their male friends in Crazy Horse. The Rangers are really coming together as a group and are blossoming into remarkable young adults. Between leading service projects for the rest of Camp, running cookie break, and being role models for the younger kids, the Rangers really crushed it this week! Wolf Den loved being able to tube during Line-Up-Sign-Up to escape the heat. They even did Polar Bear in the morning together! The girls are really excited to continue to have Ranger Chills around campfires and grow as leaders. We can’t wait for the coming weeks.


Julia, Ellen, and Skye (Wolf Den Staff)

Sr Boys Cabin Blogs

by Chris

Tuesday, July 10th 2018 at 8:40pm


We’ve had a busy and impressive first week of 2nd session in Elk! We welcomed 5 campers into our family, and they have been heavily involved in Camp life since day one. Tal had to decide between kayaking the Sacandaga River and competing against Forest Lake Camp in soccer! We are so proud that he was picked for both. Trip was selected to compete in Tennis against Forest Lake Camp next week as well! Sam went on a trip and climbed two of the Lake George Five Peaks. Our new resident windsurfers, Liam and Grant, came into their own during our windsurfing Cabin Night and crushed it out on the water. Hugo tried wakeboarding for the first time, and Arion slalomed for the first time! Arion is also competing against Forest Lake Camp in archery and is excited to kayak the Ottowa River. Taylor is eyeing being the centerpiece for the basketball game against Forest Lake Camp next week. Speaking of competing against other camps, Jack has been sailing in the Cheeseburger in Paradise Regatta against Northern Lake George Yacht Club and Southern Lake George Yacht Club. After one day of racing, Jack and his partner were in 10th place out of 30. Paul has taken a leadership role in waterskiing with Dylan, and he is looking forward to paddling the Ottawa River next week. Greg continued to excel in waterfront activities; especially in wakesurfing (he had a 3-minute surf!) and in windsurfing. Max went on a climbing trip earlier this week and is also playing in the soccer game against Forest Lake Camp. Lastly, we’d like to highlight that Trip and Sean have formed an inseparable bond in one short week and are even taking activities together!

We are so stoked for the rest of the session with this cabin! We look forward to seeing them continue to grow into leaders in Camp!

- Dylan, Alex, and Ben


The first week of second session has been quite eventful for Buffalo! Julian made the Forest Lake Camp tennis squad for next week! Aidan is also competing against Forest Lake Camp, but in archery. Henri, Charles, and Trey have been sailing in the Cheeseburger in Paradise Regatta this week! Trey is also looking forward to paddling the Ottawa River next week. George has been settling in and has taken an interest in Camp athletics (especially basketball and volleyball!). Bungie is ecstatic to be playing against Forest Lake Camp in basketball and has begun training with the team. Corbi has blossomed into a social butterfly and has been introducing his German culture to the cabin. Chris has really taken advantage of everything Camp has to offer and has particularly enjoyed being in the lake and canoeing. Ben and Zack have been enjoying stand up paddleboarding this week, and they have been super helpful to the counselors. Tanner placed into advanced canoeing this week and did a quintuple canoes-over-canoe T-rescue! We think it’s a first in Adirondack Camp history! Finally, we’d like to highlight that Mateo has demonstrated impressive leadership lately by helping in the Dining Hall and doing other tasks around Camp.

We are proud of the boys for having a good week 5, and we look forward to seeing them grow throughout the rest of the session.

- Mo, Ian, and Nick


We had a fun and smooth week 1 of second session in Moose Cabin! We welcomed Mark and Will as our new cabin counselors for second session, and we all went canoeing together for Cabin Night! It feels like the boys are becoming a cohesive group!

More specifically, this week, we had Keegan sailing in the Cheeseburger Regatta across the lake. Our cabin counselor, Scrappy, was across the lake with Keegan! Wesley also enjoyed sailing on Lake George this week, and Harry and Henry crushed it at canoeing with cabin counselor Will. Peter went whitewater rafting on the Hudson River this past week! James was chosen to compete in Blue/White and Forest Lake Camp tennis. Zach loved meeting all of the second session campers and went wakesurfing with his sister! Sean has adjusted well to ADK and particularly enjoyed kayaking! He is excited to go waterskiing next week! Collin moved in from Bear Cabin and is enjoying getting to know his new cabin mates. Jonah has also come out of his shell this week, and we’ve been very happy to see him connect with the other campers. Aidan scored two points in Blue/White ultimate frisbee which led the Blue team to a victory! Hayden’s favorite day this past week was Thursday because he got to help out in the Dining Hall and met our Chef, Carlo, and kitchen staff while he was there. Eli is well on his way to becoming an Adirondack Brave, and the rest of the boys are following suit with their silence tests!

We are so excited for the rest of the summer in Moose Cabin! All the best from the peninsula!

- Scrappy, Will, and Mark


The Heron boys have gone from strangers to good friends during this first week of Camp! They’ve already formed a strong cabin identity, and we are looking forward to the rest of the session with them!

Alessandro enjoyed playing soccer on the Ball Field this week and has been organizing cabin “Trunk Ball” (a special game that the boys invented) tournaments. Jeremy has been coming into his own, and his positive energy has been infectious around the cabin! Jack enjoyed senior trivia night, but we’ve all been missing him because unfortunately, he has had to spend a lot of time in the infirmary this week. Zach loved rock climbing this past week and is looking forward to another week up at the climbing wall. Aidan discovered wakesurfing and has adjusted smoothly to camp life; he is always smiling! Joseph went on the Buck Mountain trip on Wednesday and came back beaming about his hike. Julian has come out of his shell and is fully embracing the Camp routine. Mac has stepped up as a leader in the cabin and has enjoyed being in water activities all week!

There’s already a great cabin dynamic, and we are all excited to see what the boys can accomplish together throughout the rest of the summer!

- Max, Tom, Micah, Zach, Paul (CIT), and Max (CIT)

Crazy Horse

Looking back at week 5 and Crazy Horse’s first week of session two the boys have made some incredible memories already. Kade had a great time going to Forest Lake Camp (our rivals) to compete in archery. Trevor, Nick T, Pablo and Marco all worked together on a team playing soccer against Forest Lake, taking away a 4-2 win! Rick is loving the new surroundings and teaching the guys in the cabin some Chinese and improving his English. Matthew enjoyed our Cabin Night, we took out the Megladons and played king of the hill. Khassime impressed the cabin by taking on one of our staff members in a one-on-one in basketball and winning. Nick M is thriving on being able to help the Rangers and sharing some of his experience from last year in the cabin. Joe has found a new appreciation for Land Sports since not being able to get in the water and is now continuing some of these next week! Will and Avery jumped right back into his love of going on trips and completing a 46’er. Alex has enjoyed the fresh faces in the cabin and loves all the new music tastes and talking about his passion for music. Both Kole and Charlie, this week in kayaking, managed to not only get their roll but also achieved their handrolls, not an easy feat! The past week saw most of our sailors, including Jason and Riley, head across the lake for the Cheeseburger Regatta and race for two days, stepping up as leaders and helping the others get their boats ready and race.

For most of the boys, this is there first time being Rangers. Our returning boys from last session, and last year have been showing them the ropes and as a cabin are stepping up to the role of Rangers. Our first attempt at making waffles this weekend was the smoothest one we’ve had all summer with all the Rangers taking the responsibilities and rocking it! We have a lot of fun things planned over the coming weeks, and all the staff are sure they can handle anything we throw their way!

- Marshall, August, Ken, and Dan


It’s been great to see the Bear boys rekindling old friendships and building new ones with first year campers during the first week of the second session!

We’d like to share some more specifics about what the campers enjoyed this week. Nate D. and Sam represented Adirondack against Forest Lake Camp in soccer! ADK won by a 4-3 margin! Leo enjoyed sailing and acting as the “Cabin DJ” this past week. Daniel T. helped out at fencing throughout the week after convincing Rachel, our Program Director to give him two periods of it. Jack Mc. has been doing a bit of everything while also entertaining us with his crazy humor. Max has adjusted to camp life well, and he’s been showing off his guitar skills in the cabin and at campfires. Jack M. loved tubing during Cabin Night on Thursday, and he also did a good job in wakesurfing this week. Kam has been coming out of his shell a lot more and seems to be enjoying Camp. Dom has enjoyed being active and has even been exercising with cabin counselor Charlie. Tom passed his silence test to become a Brave on the first day of Camp and has since become the most social and outspoken kid in the cabin! Nate B. has been our resident Camp expert and has been sharing “Camp tips” with the rest of the kids. Daniel V. has enjoyed getting involved in the cabin, and we’ve appreciated his maturity and willingness to help. Ryan crushed it at windsurfing this week and is quickly emerging as a leader in the cabin.

We are absolutely loving the cabin dynamic, and we look forward to next week and the rest of second session!

- Matt, Michael, and Charlie

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