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Adirondack Camp is more than just a camp it is my home!

by Chris

Thursday, September 11th 2014 at 2:08pm

Camp Adirondack

Oh Camp Adirondack has a husky fighting brood and they fight with all their might. These are the first words to the anthem of Adirondack Camp. A camp that has raised me since I was six, and has taught me to embody their plaques of Cooperation, Independence, Responsibility, Creativity, Leadership, Effort, Spirit, Courage, Growing, and Sharing both at home and at camp. It is here that I have made life long friends, and it is here that I have created memories that I will carry with me forever. Adirondack has helped me cope with hardships and overcome many fears. Adirondack Camp is more than just a camp it is my home, and with out it I do not know who I would be.

~Jessica B

Enrollment for Summer 2015 is now officially open!

by Chris

Tuesday, September 9th 2014 at 2:19pm

Dear Parents,

Adirondack Camp would like to announce that enrollment for Summer 2015 is now officially open! It may seem early to think about next summer but enrolling early guarantees your camper/s a space for next summer and ensures that you receive our Early Enrollment Discount.

Our CIT Program already has a waiting list and our Ranger Program and other age groups are filling fast.

You may submit your application by logging into your campintouch account, clicking on the camper application, and selecting the 2015 season from the drop down menu. A $400.00 deposit is due at the time of registration. The remaining amount of the total $750.00 deposit ($350) is due by Oct. 1st.

Please do not wait too long to enroll as spaces will likely be limited again this year. Don’t miss out! Enroll today. Need help enrolling or any questions, please contact us at 518 547-8261.

Have a wonderful school year and we hope to see your camper again next year.

*Note: Withdrawals prior to Oct. 1st will receive $350.00 back of the $400.00 deposit.

Sign Up Now & Guarantee a spot by October 1, 2014! Discount of camp enrollment. Regular camp rates begin October 2nd.

Week 7 Cabin Blogs!

by Chris

Sunday, August 10th 2014 at 1:54pm

This week has been so much fun! For Cabin Night we roasted marshmallows and played games together. We also had Blue/White Staff Hunt and the girls thought that was a lot of fun! Kara had a great time in her activity, Awesome Things With Chris, because she loves spending time with the older campers. Gwen enjoyed Cabin Night and making “lava lamps” in her activity, Messy Science. Anna improved her swimming skills so much that she is now an intermediate swimmer! Ella made a lot of new friends and had a lot of fun in canoeing because they went in the water a lot. Tess had a ton of fun participating in her hip-hop class because they performed their amazing dance for the camp! Matilde had a lot of fun in Messy Science because they made play-dough!

This week in Deer Cabin the girls had so much fun.
On Sunday we had a superhero Special Day where the girls were in teams having fun in the sun.
Four of the girls went on a three day hiking trip.
Marley, Jayden, Olivia, and Kate were back in a zip.
Almu and Kiki had hip-hop dancing throughout the week.
Their dance on the basketball court was sleek.
Veronica got a blue buddy tag on Thursday,
Proving she’s an amazing swimmer right away.
We can’t wait ‘til next week even though the end is soon,
At least we know we’ll always love our Deer Cabin girls from here to the moon!

The penultimate week of ADK 2014 has been an extremely exciting one for Fox Cabin. A brilliant day of activities was followed by a surprise Junior-Intermediate dance on Monday evening. The theme was pirate-ninja-princess, so tutus were out, bandanas, eye patches, and other costumes were put on, and we had a super fun night of dancing. Claire and Anastassia have been taking hip-hop classes with our guest artist, Sarah. Drama star Zoey went to the theater on Wednesday and saw a modern, futuristic version of “David and Goliath,” which she comments was, “really cool!” Annie, Taylor, Claire, and Zoey made some funky pieces in the tie-dye Adventure Period class. Thursday night was Cabin Night and we enjoyed watching a movie with some tasty popsicles. Friday during general swim we saw Anastassia and Claire busting out their hip-hop moves on the basketball court in a performance in front of the entire camp. Overall, it was a fabulous week!

Lynx made some awesome t-shirts this week for Cabin Night on Wednesday. For Blue/White we played Staff Hunt, and Blue won! For Line Night we had a surprise dance! Caitlin loved her 4-day rock climbing trip. Cora loved the last gathering of the summer on Thursday. Eva loved kayaking this week. Mary Rose and Maddie went on a drama trip and saw “David and Goliath.” Olivia went SUPing, and Simone finished her LG5 with Eva and got a cool shirt! Amelia loved Cabin Night. Lucy loved the drama trip with Colin! Angie is doing the Big Triangle swim next week and can’t wait! Caroline’s highlight of the week was tie-dye. It was a great week for Lynx Cabin!

The last week of activities on the peninsula was extremely busy and exciting for Caribou Cabin! We had a fabulous time flying in and out of the wake and off the tube during our “open night” and also had an extremely fun Cabin Night canoeing along the lake. For our Line Night we had a surprise dance, which was pirate/ninja/princess-themed! For Blue/White the girls had the challenge of finding and chasing counselors for Staff Hunt and did a fantastic job during Sing-Off. All the girls really demonstrated an incredible amount of growth over these past few weeks. Heading into the final week of camp, we all are excited to see it continue!

Cougar Cabin has had a fantastic week. We had lots of practice for Sing-Off to make sure all the girls were pitch perfect! For Line Night we did hip-hop dance, which was great fun and something different. For Cabin Night we all had s’mores; the girls were very excited for these and had been begging for them since the start of the session. We also had our last Gathering this week. With lots of musical performances, it was a very emotional evening. Carol, Grace, Nimi, Anna, Christina, and Natalia went out of camp on various days this week for trips. It is really lovely to be in a cabin with these girls and they all get along really well. We will miss them when we say goodbye next week!

As we come to our last full week of camp, Panther Cabin has been bonding and enjoying each other’s company. They have gone tubing and danced with the guest artist dance instructor. The girls also enjoyed Staff Hunt, which was when staff hid around camp and when a camper found a staff member in a hiding location, the camper earned points for his/her Blue/White team. Overall this has been an exciting last week with Pather Cabin before we all say our final farewell until next summer.

This week has been filled with excitement and lots of fun for Northwind Cabin. Sunday was Special Day where staff dressed as Marvel and DC superheroes. Campers split into groups and caught villains for points. Monday night was Cabin Night, when we made awesome tie-dye t-shirts while listening to music. This week we had Staff Hunt and had campers search for us throughout the entire camp. Backwards Day was a success; we ate dinner for breakfast and breakfast for dinner. We are enjoying our last week with normal activities and schedules but look forward to next week’s events, such as Carnivale. Carlo’s food has been so delicious, especially his chocolate chip cookies. A big “How” for Anna, Rachel, and Hannah who spent 3 days canoeing on a river. It has been a wonderful week in Northwind Cabin!

Wolf Den
Week 7 has been another exciting, challenging, and fun-filled week in Wolf Den Cabin. Abby has been proudly representing the White Team in Blue/White Sailing, while Andie has been dominating in the 3 vs. 3 basketball tournament with her team, the Lake George Marauders. Sydney, Elena, and Kyra proved their climbing prowess on the Rumney trip, a 4-day rock climbing excursion. Back at camp, Ashley and Kate were busy as Blue/White captains preparing their respective teams for Sing-Off on Friday night. Out on the water, Sam dropped a ski in waterskiing successfully. She also achieved her lead-climb in rock climbing. Oriana has been a huge help in her mentor swimming class and has enjoyed playing tennis. We couldn’t be more proud of our girls excelling in all different areas of camp and even out on trips. Younger campers look to them as role models, and they continue to embody ADK plaques such as effort, spirit, and leadership. HOW, Ranger girls!

With the departure of some of our 2-week campers, our cabin has certainly decreased in numbers, however, the unique Jay Cabin spirit and noise volume has not diminished in the slightest. We had a really cool and fun Cabin Night; canoes were paddled, counselors were tipped into the water, and most importantly, s’mores were made by the campfire near Junior Dock. The following evening was the final Gathering at Sign Point for the session, which was filled with moving speeches and wonderful musicians playing. Lucas has had a great week down in kayaking, mastering his roll for the first time. Alex is having such an amazing time at camp that, when he was asked to name his favorite activity, he replied with “I dunno! How could I possibly choose?” Nikas has made impressive improvements at camp with his English, swimming, and canoeing. Keegan is starting to embrace cabin life more fully and he is also showing talent in kayaking and canoeing. Jay Cabin is having a blast and loving camp!

This week in Crow Cabin we had two new arrivals, Max and Noah. Both have been incorporated fantastically in cabin life. They are both really enjoying their activities, particularly tennis and fishing. On Wednesday we had Cabin Night, during which the whole cabin went tubing. This was so much fun and was an awesome way for the cabin to bond as a group. In addition, we had Staff Hunt on Thursday, which was so much fun. Everyone got really involved in the event because it was for a Blue/White plaque! On Friday we had Sing-Off, which went great for both teams. We also had our last Gathering this past week, which was particularly emotional. It was a time in which all the campers could reflect on their time at camp and how it has changed them as individuals. Asher was extremely brave and got up to talk about his experience at camp, which was very moving. To sum up, we have had a great week, and all campers are having the time of their lives!

Owl Cabin had an amazing week filled with so many amazing moments! In addition to all the great daily activities, the boys have been enjoying a ton of crazy things around camp. The ninja-pirate-princess-themed dance for Line Night was really popular, and having breakfast for dinner on Backwards Day was really fun. Half of the cabin elected to go on a trip with our drama counselor, Colin, to see a play, and they had an amazing time. Owl also got to share a Cabin Night movie-watching evening and frozen treat with Fox Cabin. In the cabin, the boys are getting along like brothers and showing a lot of growth and courage every day. We keep getting high scores on inspection and all the boys are willing to help each other out! The cabin looks forward to the final week of camp and all the fun it brings with things like Carnivale, Staff Show, Medley, and the final dance!

Last Monday signaled the start of the final full week of the ADK summer of 2014. For Hawk Cabin the week started on a high with another great inspection score. For Cabin Night we all spent time together sharing memories of the summer while eating lots of s’mores and playing Magic the Gathering. Thursday evening brought about an emotional last Gathering where we again took time to think about the summer. The weekend was full of fun Blue/White events like Swim Meet, Capture the Flag, and Staff Hunt. Everyone was so excited and had a great time!

What a week in Gull Cabin! Juan celebrated his birthday on Monday and the whole cabin got to eat cake. Saturday night nearly all of the cabin went to the dance, and on Tuesday we had a junior/intermediate dance with a princess-ninja-pirate theme. The boys decided to wear ninja costumes and tear it up on the dance floor. The whole camp competed in Blue/White events this week as well, both Intermediate Basketball and Staff Hunt. Ian, Juan, and Dove all played big minutes in basketball but fell to the White Team in a hard-fought match. After Staff Hunt we went SUPing for our cabin night and played the mafia-like “werewolf” to finish the night. We’re looking forward to an A-1 last week at ADK!

This week was quite a success for the boys in Moose Cabin. We survived another thunderstorm and managed to stay dry and in high spirits. Many went on trips, participated in Blue/White, and danced up a storm during our hip-hop dance Line Night. For Cabin Night we went canoeing to Senior Point and back and played some fun water games. The boys had a particularly great time defending their flags during Saturday’s Capture the Flag game and celebrating Fran’s birthday. They are looking forward to Carnivale food and fun on Monday and can’t wait for next week’s activities!

We had the final week of activities with the boys being very excited about all the awesome stuff happening in the last week. It’s been amazing to watch such an international group bond so well. This week we have had Senior Ascension, where they had to work as a team to complete certain tasks. They all had a blast. We also had Blue/White Staff Hunt, Sing-Off, Capture the Flag, and Swim Meet. It has been a busy week! We are not looking forward to saying goodbye!

It’s been an amazing week with Buffalo Cabin! It started out with a game of Ultimate Frisbee for Cabin Night, followed by a campfire. Despite a little bit of rain, everyone had a blast and enjoyed s’mores around the fire. On Wednesday we took the boys tubing with the waterski boat. This was, according to several of them, the most fun night of the summer. Friday morning we woke the boys up early and took them out onto the lake for breakfast in boats. The cabin is closer than ever now, and we’re both excited and sad to enjoy this last week with Buffalo. HOW!

This week for Line Night, the whole Senior Line took part in hip hop dancing with our guest artist, Sarah. The counselors and campers alike were busting moves on the tennis courts and everyone in the cabin agreed it was one of their favorite Line Nights ever! Everyone in Elk Cabin is making the most of their last week in camp. Everyone can’t believe it’s the end of Week 7 already! With Capture the Flag and other final Blue/White activities going on, we sure are going to have a fun last few days at ADK!

Crazy Horse
The last full week of camp has come to a close. On Monday night the Rangers got to watch a movie together. The counselors brought popcorn and candy, and the kids were overwhelmed with excitement! On Tuesday night the campers had a Club Night, so they had a choice of doing activities all over camp. Some members of the cabin also organized a Magic the Gathering tournament, which will finish on the last day of camp. On Wednesday, the whole camp took part in Blue/White Staff Hunt. Counselors were hidden all throughout the camp and the campers had to find them. Thursday night consisted of the very last Gathering. The Rangers performed a song called “Good Riddance,” by Green Day. Many of the Rangers were in tears because they realized that this was their last Gathering as campers. On Friday night we had Blue/White Sing-Off and Project Runway. Arian, Andrew, Morgan, Sam, Peter, and Noah were a part of the original songs for their respective teams, and they all did a great job! Christian and Hugh won the kayaking plaque. Ben tried waterskiing this week and got up on his second try! Terrence has been working hard in drama and he has also been going on trips. The Rangers have pledged to step up their performance even more for these last couple of days and make the most of the time they have here!

2014 - ADK Week 6

by Chris

Tuesday, August 5th 2014 at 4:44pm

Week six at Adirondack Camp has been filled with tons of awesome and fun moments! From Blue/White to Gathering to the Ottawa River kayak trip, check out what your kids have been doing this past week.

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