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Michael was born and raised in Bolton, a large town near Manchester in the United Kingdom. He will graduate from Leeds College of Music this June with a degree in music performance in Trumpet and composition, after which he dreams of becoming a professional musician, and will be playing Trumpet on cruise ships starting in September to combine his loves of exploring the world and music. His first summer at Adirondack was in 2018 and said that he loves Adirondack because why wouldn’t you want to spend a summer with some of the most amazing people and the most amazing scenery. He will turn 21 at camp this year and can’t wait to be back by Lake George.

In his spare time, he enjoys playing in bands, playing video games, and having a go billiards and snooker.

He is also an avid supporter of his local soccer team Bolton Wanderers which is in the second league of the English soccer system. He also loves to support the England national soccer team and is a follower of Manchester United.