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Happy Birthday to you HOW!!!!!

by Chris

Friday, November 9th 2012 at 2:32pm

Adirondack Camp would like to wish a huge Happy Birthday to all our alumni who have birthdays in the month of November!

Alberto M
Alex D
Alexi D
Andres D
Andrew F
Andy C
Annemarie S
Antonio R
Benjamin D
Bruce B
Cal M
Carlo P
Carly S
Casey C
Chloe W
Clay W
Colin B
Colleen R
Daniel K
Daria D
Darius C
David B
David B
David K
David P
Dayle D
Destiny T
Diane I
Dick M
Dillon E
Donna S
Doug M
Elena R
Elika P
Elizabeth A
Emilia L
Emily R
Emma B
Eoin K
Eugene F
Eva B
Gabor B
Gabriel T
Gabrielle R
Gael L
Geoff S
Gilbert K
Guan L
Halsey V
Hillary W
Iciar A
Ignacio A
Jack R
Jack W
Jacob S
James S
Jesse K
Joel G
John B
Johnny R
Jonathan B
Joshua R
Joshua T
Joshua Y
Julia H
Justin L
Kat K
Kate B
Keenan M
Kirstin T
Kristopher W
Krysta S
Lazare R
Leslie A
Liam O
Linsey G
Lisa B
Luis M
Zabala H
Lydia L
Maria D
Mark M
Matthew D
Matthew M
Max R
Michal K
Michelle C
Molly K
Monica A
Nick P
Noah B
Olivia A
Pablo S
Pauline B
Peter G
Pia S
Ravindra C
Raymond P
Rebecca W
Richard O
Richard F
Romai B
Roselyne P
Ryan A
Sarah R
Sarah S
Seldy G
Spencer B
Stephen G
Svetlana M
Tara S
Tegan O
Teron C
Tina M
Tony T
Victor D
William C
William K
William W
Wood S
Zachary M

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