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About Adirondack Camp for Kids

Our summer camp community is comprised of 180–200 young people from around the world, roughly equal in numbers. Compared to other camps, this makes us a small camp — small enough that everyone knows your name. In addition to campers, there are 100 plus staff with typically three counselors per cabin caring for 8 to 16 campers.

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At Adirondack, everyone knows everyone and is always ready to help out.

Charles, TX


75% of our campers return for another summer. Younger siblings follow their brothers and sisters in droves. We also have our fair share of “legacy families” — campers whose parents, grands and greatgrands all attended ADK. Together we form an invisible chain of generations spanning over a century, building bold hearts and strong character.

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Intentional Community

We are a safe place that puts kids first and, under the umbrella of your family, places each of our young charges on his or her own journey of self-discovery and personal growth.

The goals are many: rest up from the pressures of modern life, make friends, feel good about one’s self, have fun, find your quiet confidence, and share in our values of cooperation, effort, leadership, courage, responsibility, creativity, spirit, and independence.

The objective is singular: to have the best summer of your young life!

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Camp is a place denoted by its sounds.

Waves lapping the shore, a warm summer breeze blowing across the lake, crackling campfires, and everywhere the undercurrent of children’s laughter punctuated, by shouts of glee and wonder. A changeless constant in the lives of those lucky few of us who’ve come from around the world to grow up here — this is a place where the days are almost timeless.

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We enter this place with a special password — good for coming and going. Say Noonway! once and the grind of our normal busy lives is gone. Say it again and here we are — transported to a timeless day at camp, climbing a sheer cliff face, directing the last scene for the movie we’re making, or filleting the fish we caught to share with our cabin mates.

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Night at Camp.

When night comes, we’ll tuck ourselves in under warm blankets and count the billion stars that light up the sky, or perhaps we’ll sneak a flashlight under the covers to finish a good story. If it storms, we’ll pull the side tarps down and listen for the raindrops pelting their canvas skins.

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Simplicity endures.

This is a place of open-air cabins, floating wooden docks and Old Town canoes. It’s the simple and lasting pleasures that this place teaches us to seek.

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A Unique Location

Adirondack sits, half-hidden, in a safe and powerful, deep forested place of astounding natural beauty surrounded on three sides by the crystal blue, drinkable waters of world famous Lake George.

Just a few hours’ drive from big city civilization (Boston, New York City, Philadelphia, and Montreal), Adirondack Camp lies within the Adirondack State Park. The Park is a constitutionally protected 2.3 million acre Forest Preserve which contains thousands of streams, brooks and lakes, including Lake Placid, the two-time site of the Winter Olympic Games and Fort Ticonderoga, the scene of America’s first victory against British invasion during the American Revolution.