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Land Sports Program

Our summer camp for kids isn’t all about Lake George.

The sport activities we offer on our beautiful peninsula are as fun and exciting as those on the water. In any given activity period the basketball and tennis courts are awash with happy campers. Arrows hum at the archery range. Foils clash in the ‘Sir’ John Halasz fencing pavilion.

Campers seek different routes up our giant rockclimbing wall and try their skills on local rocks. Sand scatters at every meeting of teams at our beautiful volleyball court which overlooks Lake George. Not to mention our giant ball-field where last-minute soccer goals are scored, touch rugby tries happen, and softball home runs are scored. Here you can dodge, duck, dip, and dive in dodgeball, score that match-winning touchdown in flag-football, and so so much more. Did we even mention frisbee golf?!

Our Daily Land Activities

  • ADK All-Sports
  • Archery
  • Basketball
  • Beach Volleyball
  • Fencing
  • Rock Climbing
  • Soccer
  • Tennis
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All of these activities are taught at Camp by our team of trained professionals and are open to summer camp kids of every age and ability level, guaranteeing fun and exciting opportunities for all our land-lovers.

Adirondack’s programs target individual skill development as well as the team ideals of sportsmanship and camaraderie. Our carefully designed lesson plans are designed such that they accommodate both playful and serious young sportsmen and women. As children grow and learn in each activity, they can increase their level of training based on the particular skill sets they acquire, giving them concrete and tangible incentives to continue to achieve. At our summer camp, it is our goal for kids to achieve throughout their stay, gaining more and more advanced skills, and ‘having a ball’ while doing so.

Psst! Don’t forget to sign up for our two camp-wide joint camper and staff tournaments, the soccer World Cup, and tennis Patryk Memorial. Oh, and midnight fencing. Just awesome!

Special Land Sports Events

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ADK World Cup

Play for Senegal, Italy, Scotland or Brazil in our huge Camp-wide annual soccer tournament! Campers and counselors dribble, pass and score for their designated country as they seek the ultimate glory of being crowned ADK World Cup champion.

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Patryk Memorial

Join our annual mixed doubles tennis tournament that pairs campers and counselors. So pick your favorite counselor (or one with an ace serve) and have some good fun or go for the honor of winning the entire contest.

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Inter-Camp Competitions

Bring your spirit and represent ADK in competiting against a neighboring overnight camp. Campers of similar skill level compete in various land activities from basketball to archery to fencing. The overall winner takes home the esteemed Mountain Plaque!

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