Waterskiing, Wakeboarding & Wakesurfing

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Since the advent of the motorboat, Adirondackees have water-skied on the calm, clear waters of Lake George. With the inclusion of wakeboarding, wakesurfing, and tubing, these programs have risen to the top tier of Adirondack’s popularity list! Kids ski, board, and surf behind our powerful Ski-Nautique and Moomba motorboats, while under the safe, certified, and experienced eyes of our team of ski and wakesports instructors.

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Once you have learned the safety rules and spotter hand signals, our boats depart from our private dock into the protected Glenburnie Cove at the northern end of Lake George. Under the shadow of Anthony’s Nose (rock formation), our water-skiers and wakeboarders do their best to “walk on water.” Adirondack’s water-ski and wakeboard camps parallel the American Water Ski Association beginner, intermediate and advanced courses, so campers can track their progress year-to-year and lake-to-lake. Specific water-skiing camp challenges include crossing and jumping the wake, dropping a ski “mid-stream,” doing a 180 and slalom. Wakeboarding camp skills include 180’s, 360’s, wakeskates, and tail grabs. Advanced wakeboarders may ultimately learn to nuclear grab and back roll.

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Our state-of-the-art Moomba Maxx wakeboat is specifically designed to throw up the biggest waves possible on a freshwater lake. Our campers learn to wakesurf behind the boat to recreate the experience of surfing on the ocean. Campers start with the rope in hand to gain confidence but soon, with the help of our expert surf instructors, they “drop the rope” and learn to carve up and down the thick waves behind the Moomba. GNARLY!

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Our wakeboard and waterski camp programs are home to two Sport Nautique SV-211 boats, one designed for water-skiing and the other a multi-functional boat that allows for wakeboarding as well as water-skiing. Water-skiing and wakeboarding are definitely the most fast-paced water sport activities at Adirondack Camp though, on a breezy day, our windsurfers would argue this point! Waterfront sports at our camp for kids generally stress a partnership or sense of oneness with nature — like the quiet calm shared in a canoe or the intimacy of a kayak rounding the point… but there is no denying the thrill of being pulled across Lake George by several hundred horsepower! At Adirondack Camp we have activities for all speeds!

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