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Questions Kids Ask

How exciting — your first time at summer camp! We’re sure you and your family have a bunch of questions, so we’ve tried to anticipate as many as we can.

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ADK Camp is a second home for me. It’s a place where you can be safe, happy, and to enjoy nature. It is also a place to make new friends from lots of places in the world. I feel blessed to be a part of this community. One day in the future, I want my kids to go to Adirondack Camp so they can I have the same experience that I had when I was at camp.

Carolina, MA


What’s the food like?

Yum, that’s what it’s like. Our chef, makes delicious things that everyone likes to eat including chicken nuggets, pizza, burgers and hot dogs, and chocolate chip muffins, but also offers a lot of fresh, healthy choices including vegetarian wraps. Our salad bar is stocked with great stuff, plus we have super soups! We serve three family-style meals every day along with the famous “cookie-break” and juice in mid-afternoon.

Breakfast always comes with hot and cold options, like scrambled eggs and French toast, cold cereal with fruit, an oatmeal bar, and our very own Carlo Crunch (you’ll have to come to Camp to find out how good it is!). Fruit is offered at all three meals along with an ever changing and varied fresh salad bar at lunch and dinner. We goes all out on Sunday nights with a special dinner such as roasted turkey, gravy and mashed potatoes. There is also a vegetarian alternative to the main courses at lunch and dinner.

Who chooses my Camp activity schedule?

You do! You create a list of top activities you want to take and the Program Director makes it happen.

What if I don’t like my schedule?

You will usually get a few of your top choices and you get a chance to change your schedule both before activities start and after going through a full day of your activities for the week.

Are any of the activities mandatory?

Instructional swimming is our only Mandatory Fun.

Do I have to swim if the water is too cold?

We don’t ever want to force you into the water. However, chances are you’ll be really excited to swim, sail, windsurf, or water-ski and will jump into the crystal clear water anyway!

Are there any out-of-Camp trips?

Yes! We offer multiple super fun trips — hiking, canoeing, kayaking and other adventures. Hike one of the beautiful Adirondack peaks, go white water rafting down the Hudson River, rapel some local cliffs, or canoe to the Hague Islands for an overnight. Each week we offer several trips you can choose from so get ready to get out and explore!

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What if my tooth falls out at Camp?

The Tooth Fairy will find you!

Can I receive care packages?

Of course! But keep in mind that you will not be able to receive any food items for bug and tiny critter reasons.

What if I have a summer birthday?

Surprise! We have our very own Adirondack Camp birthday song and you and your cabin will be treated to an enormous cake. We can’t tell you the surprise, so you will just have to wait and see!

What should I do to fit in?

Be yourself! A wonderful thing about Adirondack campers is that we are all different and special in some way.

About a third of your fellow campers will be new just like you. Returning campers will show you around and help you make new friends. Expect a big, warm Adirondack welcome from both campers and staff.

What if I don’t know anyone at Camp?

Our overall atmosphere is one of inclusiveness rather than exclusivity. At ADK there’s no room for cliques. In short order, you will make new friends among fellow campers and staff who have come from all over the world. And even though this may be your first summer–you will surely help someone else to feel great just by being there for them too.

Can I bring my pet to Camp?

Your family would probably be very sad if you and your pet went to Camp without them. Instead we have our own camp dogs for you to play with.

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Do I have to wear a uniform?

Kids wear whatever is comfortable during the day. For dinner you’ll put on navy shorts and a camp t-shirt. Kids don their best blue and white outfits for color war events; and you’ll also want to bring some face paint! We have theme days and dances — anything goes so bring fun, crazy, whatever-you-want outfits!

What if I feel homesick?

No one is ever too old to miss home. Everyone feels homesick at one time or another whether they show it or not. Going away to summer camp is a brave decision and missing home is just a way of remembering how much you love your family, so you should never be embarrassed to tell someone if you are feeling sad.

Camp keeps you busy in activities and other fun things to do and jumping right in is the best way to get acclimated to your new home. We are all here to help you. Many of us have been homesick ourselves; and it takes most campers only a few days to feel right at home!

Will I have privacy?

Yes, but it will be different than at home. At Camp, we live in a communal environment. You may have your own bedroom at home so this will be a very different environment. Flexibility and tolerance for others will be the key to your success in the cabin. You will have some space next to your bunk and a shelf that you can call your own, but the cabin in general is one big open space.

There are separate boy and girl cabin lines and bathhouses that we call “Perches” with private stalls for showering and toilets. Our unique environment may seem a little strange to you at first, but the closeness of our friendships and the fun of the chaos will soon win you over.

How often do I have to take a shower?

Considering you’ll likely be in the lake every day, it’s not so much of an issue, but we do have cabins on a rotating shower schedule and insist on a combined soap, shampoo, and water experience as least twice a week. Be prepared to exceed your quota, however, after a heart-thumping mountain climb or a valiant mud-drag in Tug-o-War.

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Can I call my parents?

It may take a little time to adjust to Camp. But, if you feel that you need to talk to your parents we can arrange for them to call you after the first week of Camp.

What if I don’t feel well?

No matter what time of day or night or what the issue, we care! Don’t hesitate to let us know if something is not right. We have several full time nurses, a great Health Center, and counselors who will help you to feel better fast!

What if I take medicine?

No problem! Medicines are distributed at mealtimes by the Camp nurses.

Can I bring my cell phone, iPod, or other devices to Camp?

No. Nope. Uh uh. You can bring an MP3 player (no screen) to listen to music during rest hour, “chillin” at the flagpole, and before Taps (bedtime). If you bring a cell phone to Camp for when you travel to us it will be kept in the Camp safe while you’re at Camp.

What if I forget something that I need at home?

We can ask your parents to mail it to you if we can’t get it for you from the Camp store. We stock everything from flip-flops to shampoo, soap, flashlights, batteries, tooth brushes, and stamps. If we don’t have it then we can probably get it for you.

Bedtime seems early!

We tend to follow the light of day with our activities and as the sun sets, so does our day. Camp starts early with Reveille at 7:30 am and follows with a schedule jam-packed full of adventure.

You’ll be surprised at how tired you’ll be when evening comes around! Junior and Intermediate campers head back to their bunks at 8:30 pm with Taps and lights out at 9:00 pm and Seniors get till 9:30 pm. However, if you do have trouble falling asleep, your counselor will often let you read a little longer in your bunk.

Nervous about going away to Camp?

It’s natural to feel a little nervous about being away from home. These feelings are not just for first-time campers. Returners can feel anxious too and worry about how much they are going to miss their parents and pets while away. If you are nervous, you can come and visit us before the summer, see what we look like first-hand and meet some other campers and counsellors. While at Camp, be sure to tell your counselors how you feel and know that other kids are feeling the same way too.

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