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Ages 10 – 12

Coming to Adirondack, or ADK, as an Intermediate camper is SO much fun! Some people say that Intermediates are the heart of our Camp!

You’re old enough to dive right in, make new friends, choose your activities, and strike out for adventurous trips in the wilderness. As an Intermediate you will:

  • Be brave and try new things
  • Take responsibility for yourself (with counselors ready to help if you have questions)
  • Encourage and set a good example for younger campers
  • Make your bed and keep your cabin clean
  • Help others when you can
  • Have lots of ADVENTURES!
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Fun Fact

Most new campers at ADK come as Intermediates. You’ll meet lots of kids who are going to Camp for the first time, just like you from across the US and the planet!

Parent Notes

Happy and thriving, Intermediate campers appreciate the simple pleasures of ADK with a carefree attitude. You can hear their shouts of delight everywhere.

Will came back full of stories and a real sense of accomplishment from having been away for four weeks, and having achieved better skills in swimming. He loved his cabin mates and counselors, and that gives him the confidence to push himself. I was so happy to see he had signed up for the hike with his cabin — something he may not have done if he were home.


Intermediate Camper

A principal goal for our intermediate boys and girls is that they discover the activities about which they are most passionate. Our Program Director, with the support of Camp counselors, works with kids to design a schedule that encourages trying new things but also reinforces skills and allows them to specialize when they’ve found an activity that really wows them.

When shopping for a Summer Camp for our ten year-old daughter, we were guided by such questions as: Where could she have tremendous fun? What skills would she like to acquire? Would the place be safe and secure enough to satisfy us? Diversity, security, individual care, around-the-clock fun plus sound staff recruiting & operational rules all added up to make for an incredible summer for our daughter and peace of mind for us. Our daughter came home with greater self-confidence and, as Adirondack promises, nothing short of the best summer of her young life!


Intermediate Camper