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What Parents Say

Adirondack is one of the best traditional camps in America with over 100 years of heritage, an amazing location, and terrific staff/leadership. With 150-200 campers per session and 1 counselor for every 3 kids, they really deliver on the character building that all camps promise but few deliver. It’s wonderful!



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We couldn’t have imagined a better summer camp. From the incredibly scenic spot on the lake to the life-changing summer experience… we wanted to stay at the camp too! We can’t wait for our son to return next year.



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My daughter LOVED camp. She has loved it every year but, this year, she REALLY soared. She received Best Camper and an award in Windsurfing that had her feeling really proud. I don’t know if my daughter can put her finger on it but I think it’s just the general feeling. She loves pretty much everything about it. She cried for days after she left. I think independence is huge for her - and her ability to redefine who she is in the world. She said the staff was the best ever this year. My son also loved Camp. I think he appreciates the camaraderie, the goofiness, and the competitiveness that comes with Color War.



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My kids love Adirondack camp, and it seems that it has just the right balance between being a place where children can pursue their own passions but it still provides structure (which my kids need), and the kids are encouraged to try things that they’ve never tried before. At a time when kids are becoming more self-conscious, I love that the counselors seem to relish being goofy and that campers and counselors seem to be encouraged to be who they are. And I ESPECIALLY love no phones or screens!! Please don’t ever change that!



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This is my son’s second summer. It is a magical experience. A super rustic camp on lake George with no electricity in the bunks so the kids have no choice but to unplug and look at the world around them! Last summer, my son read every book on his school summer reading list at camp! In the bunks, the stars, the moon, and a flashlight are their guides. These days, what more could a parent ask for?



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Cecilia went on the fire tower trip and it was her highlight. The trip leaders really inspired her and now all she wants to do is hike and camp!



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For my son, it was achieving goals. He was so happy to learn an Eskimo roll, kayak on the Sac, and swim the big triangle. Nothing is as rewarding as personal achievement while around friends.



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Adirondack Camp really exceeded our expectations — we were very impressed by the care that all the counselors and staff showed to our kids. The camp has a great vibe — it is obvious that all kids are valued and celebrated.



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Mason is more confident, mature, brave, respectful, patient. He seems to have a longer attention span having been away from electronics. He appreciates nature more.



One of my children was quite nervous about camp. Would he like the other campers? Would he like the counselors? Would he like the activities? The answer to all those questions was yes. My younger son was so excited to go to camp, and it seemed to surpass his expectations



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Yes! She went as a new camper and didn’t know anyone else at camp. She was welcomed with open arms by a cabin full of girls who already knew each other and I believe the whole experience helped her learn that trying the unknown can be very rewarding! It helped her start high school with a new level of confidence. She loved spending so much time outdoors and was really able to be present and connect without the distraction of electronics.



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We are from the Dallas area and our kids are younger than many for a month-long experience so far away from home, so we really appreciate that ADK has a high counselor:camper ratio and these folks are well trained and demonstrate care for the campers. We also appreciate that the total number of campers is not huge. A lot of Texas area camps have +500 or even 3000 to 5000 campers. We think the ADK model works much better for noticeable character building and personal growth. Also, the rustic design of the camp (open cabins, no electricity, no electronics) is essential to the experience. Our kids come home with renewed confidence, strength, a desire to read, and lots of stories to tell.