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Our Philosophy

At ADK philosophy runs through every decision we make. We aspire to extraordinary things, in our traditional summer camp and in our campers, and that message is pervasive and contagious.

Simply put, a well-grounded philosophy will distinguish the great camp from a good camp. At our boys and girls camp we espouse a holistic approach to reduce the fragmentation that exists in young lives and empower our campers to be less busy, less formally structured, less overtly competitive, more committed to meaningful moments and attentive to the wonder that surrounds them.

Girls dressed up for a special day at ADK

Our objective is to present opportunities that build into a series of personal accomplishments that accumulate during the time they are with us. The goal is that they return from our summer camp for kids with bold hearts and strong character and that we will have made such a difference in their young lives.

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And yet–conversely–despite our careful efforts and thoughtful organization, we strive to make all this “scaffolding” invisible. We know that beyond the incredible activities and instruction at our kids overnight camp, it’s the time in between that really matters. That it’s bunk life, mealtime goofiness, camping sleepovers and just luxuriating in the simple pleasures of summer–that imprint enduring memories. When our alums visit, our biggest complement is when they tell us that nothing’s changed.

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