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Cabin Life

Cabins at Adirondack are divided by gender “lines” and by age group. The girls’ cabin line is on one side of the peninsula, and the boys’ line is on the other side, with a large, open field in between.

Open-Air Cabins & Bunk Beds

You read that right — open-air cabins! You won’t believe how great they are! You’ll love how the breeze flows through your cabin on hot days, how you can hear the lake lapping the shore when you go to sleep, and warblers as you rise. At night, the moon shines right onto your bed; and if it rains, canvas flaps and bug nets protect you from the elements.

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Double bunks stretch across both sides of the cabin and there’s plenty of open space for hanging out. Each cabin line has its own bathhouse complete with modern facilities and privacy.

You’ll have 3 or 4 college-aged counselors living with you, always ready to answer questions, lead the charge, talk about the day, or pitch in with cabin clean-up.

The cabin is your home base at Camp. It’s where you hang out with friends, make top secret plans (yes, cabin raids do happen, rivalries are fun, and everyone cleans up their mess when it’s over), or enjoy down time between activities.

Adirondack Camp is a community of some of the most wonderful, caring, funny people of all ages I’ve ever met. I just can’t imagine life without Camp now. At ADK I feel as if I can be myself, without anyone judging me, and I can take part in so many new and old activities that I love.

Evie, England


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No Cabin Lights or Electricity

The only illumination is from the night sky and our headlamps.

Parent Notes

Cabin life is truly the center of your child’s life at Adirondack. Living together creates deep bonds of friendship for children, and so do the many special events cabin-mates experience together.

Cabin Nights and Line Nights are special evening activities. Cabin Nights are opportunities for your child to do something fun with their cabin — make brownies, do yoga, go tubing, or play charades by the campfire! Line Nights are for the entire “line” by age group — all the senior boys, all the junior girls, etc. Line Night activities include casino night, lip sync contests, beach parties, and more.

I love ADK for many reasons. I always feels welcomed by the staff and enjoy seeing all my friends from previous summers. I love living in the cabin with great friends and awesome counselors! I love all the activities — especially the water sports. I love being team captain for the White team and participating in all the Blue/White events! Noonway Adirondack Camp!!!

Rhys, NY


Depending on the summer’s schedule, campers also enjoy overnight adventures as a cabin, complete with s’mores, campfire tales, swimming and fun! Kids canoe to the nearby Hague Islands and pitch tents or hike to a nearby campsite on the shores of Lake George.