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Is ADK Right for You?

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Core Values

Cooperation, effort, leadership, courage, responsibility, creativity, spirit, and independence
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What makes a great summer camp?

Let us explain what sets the best apart from the okay.

Learn the 12 secrets
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Day Trips, Overnight & Multi-Day

Hike the Northville Placid trail, climb the 46ers and the Gunks & Kayak the Ottowa River
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3:1 Camper-to-Cabin Counselor

210 Campers
100 Counselors & Supporting Staff
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Chef Carlo

Amazing steaks! Fantastic soups. Off-the-chart salad bar. Great vegetarian food. Best chicken patties ever! Carlo’s Crunch.

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The Milky Way is our nightlight.

When I first toured Adirondack Camp with my family, I had no intention to become a camper. At that point, this six year old was just happy to have a month at home with her parents all to herself. Rikki, the Director of Admissions, gave the tour. We were on our way back from Spider Rock when I caught up with Rikki. I put my little hand in hers and asked, ‘How old do you have to be to go here?’ She responded with ‘seven.’ I immediately turned and looked back at my parents exclaiming, ‘I’ll be seven this summer!’ I am now seventeen and have gone every summer since.

Anna, New Jersey