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Adirondack is a Traditional Overnight Camp

Adirondack Camp is a critical part of the support system for your child’s personal growth and character development during their most fundamental years. Schools educate. Parents house, feed, protect, and model values. Adirondack Camp provides something more.

  1. We offer a 24/7 full immersion experience
  2. We promote an integrative approach toward bringing out and developing the whole young person
  3. We operate a completely kid-centric world

Free from the pressures of social media, school cliques, and even the expectations of parents (yes, we do add stress to our children’s lives!), Adirondack Camp reinforces your key values, inspires happiness and joy, and provides a safe place that enables your child to risk being his or her true self.

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These three constructs when done well separate out an exceptional traditional camp from the thousands upon thousands of alternative summer programs that exist. They also provide the front line of defense against the increasing fragmentation and busyness that have come to rule a good part of our children’s lives.

Where a specialty camp would seek to teach a child all there is about a specific sport or creative endeavor, for example, ADK enables a young person to specialize in the context of a broader, enveloping curriculum that aims to develop and bring out the whole individual.

And unlike a day camp, which lacks full immersion, or a short “taster” session, which lacks longevity, a traditional summer camp offers the capacity for week-by-week programs that build exponentially, one upon another, reinforcing both personal growth and skills development.

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