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Ages 7 – 9

Hi there!

We know it’s a BIG deal to be away from home so we’re going to pay special attention to you and make sure you get all the loving care you need!

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  • You’ll have extra counselors (up to four) in your cabin.
  • You’ll get to go to at least one activity period with your entire cabin!
  • We’ll help you pick your activities if you want us to, and help you find them on our peninsula too.
  • We have special sailboats, wind surfers, kayaks, canoes, snorkeling gear, rock climbing gear, bows & arrows… all of the great activity stuff in your size!
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Discover Camp

FREE Night at ADK

Kids ages 7-9 are invited to spend a night at Camp! Call Rikki at (518) 547-8261 or email to learn more. Availability (Mon-Fri) is limited.

Email Rikki
  • We offer some special micro-adventure trips just for you!
  • We’ll do everything we can to make sure your first summer at Adirondack is SUPER FUN!
  • We even have Camp dogs if you feel homesick!
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Parent Notes

Among our primary goals for Juniors is that they bond with their cabin-mates and counselors to provide bunk and “community” support on a kind of “one for all, all for one” caring and sharing basis.

It was a big thing for him to get away from his parents. He made it, and he feels really good about himself!


Junior Camper

During the first two weeks, depending on the needs of your child, their counselors will help in selection of activities. Encouragement will be given to branch out in the second two weeks and to make decisions more on their own in the selection of their activity schedules.

Come for 2 — Stay for 4!

Summer camp may be a new adventure for your family. Many campers are eager to come, but as a parent you might wonder if 4 weeks is going to be too long for your child. Many families sign their Junior camper up for 2 weeks for their first summer, but reserve the option for their child to stay for 4 if they want to (if space is available). It’s a great way to start out!

My son went for the first time at age 8, stayed for 4 weeks. After camp, he is more confident, mature, brave, respectful, patient. He seems to have a longer attention span having been away from electronics. He appreciates nature more.


Junior Camper

Another way we support our youngest campers is by having appropriately sized equipment in every single sport and activity.

  • Sailing: Opti’s for sailors 125 lbs and lighter
  • Windsurfing: Extra wide and stable boards along with “kid’s rigs” featuring sails as small as 0.75m
  • Kayaking: Junior-sized whitewater kayaks including the Jackson Fun series specifically designed for children under 90 lbs. Junior sized spray skirts and paddles
  • Canoeing: Junior-sized paddles and canoes sized to allow younger paddlers to sit low enough to reach the water
  • Snorkeling: Junior-sized snorkel sets and fins
  • Wakeboarding: Junior-sized boards
  • Waterskiing: Junior-sized skis and “ZUP” board trainer
  • Stand-up Paddleboards (SUP): Junior-sized boards and paddles
  • Swimming: Classes are individually tailored for your child
  • Rock-climbing: Junior-sized rock climbing harnesses
  • Archery & Fencing: We have the smallest sizes

Even at this youngest age many wilderness adventure trips are quite appropriate. Juniors are invited, in addition to cabin overnights, and fun micro-trips, to participate in the Lake George 5 and The Fire Tower Challenge series adventure trips.