Our Mission

Adirondack Camp aspires to be a place where mutual respect and inclusion are the natural standard, where regardless of the color of one’s skin, economic background, cultural heritage, religious belief, gender or sexual orientation – all are welcome, equally held up, and supported to thrive in our summer camp program.

Adirondack Camp believes that a diverse, inclusive, and equitable environment fosters a better experience for campers and staff. We are proud that last summer we had the most diverse camp community to date, but there’s always more to do. To that end, we continue to be intentional about making ADK a space that is welcoming and safe for everyone. It is important for all campers and staff to feel that they are respected and that Adirondack Camp is a place for any camper or staff member who subscribes to our mission.

We have been working with an external DEI consultant since early 2022 to review our existing practices, suggest new ways to better serve diverse communities, and hold us accountable. Here are some of our recent efforts.

  • Website language review
  • Policy revisions to foster a more inclusive and respectful culture
  • New staff training plans focused on diversity issues with interactive workshops
  • Fundraising to support greater access to camp for children of color

This is an ongoing process and we are committed to continuing to make Adirondack Camp a better place. We welcome feedback from our community that can aid us in enhancing equity and opportunity and meeting the needs of all of our campers and staff.