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There’s a little Zorro in every child at fencing camp! At our fencing summer camp, you can master the art of swordsmanship under the guidance of our fencing camp masters as you learn the rules and techniques of foil, epee, and saber fencing. Our fencing lessons are taught by enthusiastic collegiate and professional fencers who look forward to sharing their love of this little known, and even less often taught, fast-paced Olympic sport.

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Beginners learn the fundamentals at summer fencing camps: balance, footwork, body movement and blade training. Within a few days, fencing kids begin to spar as they cross foils with their peers. After a few weeks of training and tutelage, campers can achieve Squire Status. Squires continue to polish their basic technique while learning more complex blade-work and competitive tactics. At this stage, campers may choose to specialize in foil, epee, or saber.

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The ultimate summer camp fencing achievement in Adirondack Camp fencing is Knighthood. After several weeks, sometimes years, of study, the most dedicated and talented fencers are recognized in our kids’ summer camp community as Adirondack Knights. Knights continue to increase their mastery of technique and tactical repertoire, receiving one-on-one instruction with our professional adviser and nationally recognized fencing coach, Viveka Fox. Knights also take on a leadership role; officiating kids’ camp fencing bouts, planning camp events and helping instruct beginners. Throughout the summer - Adirondack Camp has meets with neighboring camps for inter-camp matches, conducts an exciting midnight fencing event, and our nail-biting annual Blue/White fencing competition is played out. When the weather becomes a little too hot for all the fencing gear, we even play water-fencing which features a giant water mat and foam noodles, you have to see it to believe it!

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So come up to our beautiful fencing pavilion, tucked in the forest above Lake George and thrust your way into this exciting and challenging sport of intelligence and skill. Attack! Parry! Lunge! Come join the illustrious ranks of the Knights of Adirondack!

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