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For summer camps in Upstate New York, the crystal clear waters of Lake George offer one of the foremost venues for snorkeling for kids in the state. Lake George teems with fish, shipwrecks that come with their own ghost stories and loot. The latter washes up, courtesy of the prevailing current, into our protected cove and includes all sorts of treasures and trinkets ripe for the picking. Antique bottles, working wristwatches, and all sorts of other knick-knacks may become souvenirs for our group of snorkeling kids and diving aficionados or otherwise line the walls of our ‘dive shop’ by the end of the summer.

Boys and girls that sign up for snorkeling can expect more than keepsakes though. Our amateur divers will progress from learning safety rules to mastering different diving techniques like the slant dive and pike dive. A couple weeks at overnight camp with snorkeling on the schedule guarantees not only a constructive learning experience, but also an amazing time. Throughout the course of a week, campers can expect to take a tour through the snorkeling treasure trail created by the snorkeling staff and constantly improved and added to by Camp’s advanced divers.

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Other highlights of our camp’s children’s snorkeling program are the three shipwrecks scattered around the Adirondack Camp peninsula, including legendary “Crazy Kate’s” mysterious vessel right off of our very own Spider Rock. The dive shop rack has dozens of masks, fins, and snorkels to suit divers of all ages, sizes, and abilities. Our certified lifeguards and snorkeling instructors have tailored a program that is fun and fruitful for all. Kids’ snorkeling is an amazing activity on Lake George… and we think you’ll agree. Dive on in!

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