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Adirondack Camp is beautifully situated atop our own private unspoiled peninsula on an ancient lake. We work very hard to maintain the pristine beauty of our traditional summer camp so that our campers may be immersed daily in Mother Nature’s splendor. There is very little development at our end of Lake George, and, fortunately for us, on our side of the lake — no road or tracks to hug the shoreline and despoil the sense of peace and wonder. We choose to live traditionally and simply, in open-air cabins. We leave the cities for this natural splendor. No TV, no boom boxes, no electricity. This way we can get close.

At our residential summer camp, campers can go on daily adventures further into the woods and surrounding areas of Camp to search for natural ingredients to brew tea, unearth frogs and salamanders under the moist leaf litter or label seasonal wildflowers such as Bluebells and Columbine. Kids are thrilled to find the most fantastic mushrooms in all sizes and colors popping up from the bedrock where the ferns grow.

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There are a myriad of different trees at Camp and over twenty different kinds of wild ferns. The Adirondack Mountains are home to a wide variety of seasonal and residential birds including warblers, great blue herons, pileated woodpeckers, hummingbirds, wild turkey and the illusive peregrine falcon. Mammals tracked in and around camp include chipmunks, deer, porcupine and for the lucky few, fisher! Nature hikes to our nearby swamp offer chances to explore beaver lodges and dams, as well as turtle nests buried in the soft shoulders of the dirt road amongst cattails, purple loosestrife, and lily pads. That’s just what our camp has to offer on a daily basis! Should you choose to go offsite on one of our many wilderness adventures, there’s no end to the natural wonders you can explore in the 6-million acre Adirondack Park Preserve, the northeast premier wilderness destination.

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Did you know that Lake George was formed by a huge glacier millions of years ago or that a dragonfly eats over a thousand mosquitoes a day? These are just some of the facts you could discover during our nature activity. Other natural history themes at our fingertips are predator/prey relationships, critter catching, plant and tree ID, wild edibles and star gazing! Come experience nature first-hand at our summer camp in New York, one of the few remaining tracts of east coast wildernesses.

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