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Take to the crystal clear waters of Lake George with a canoe paddle under your arm, the south wind at your back and the Adirondack sun overhead. Canoeing is a water sport older than summer camp itself, and one to be enjoyed by the youngest and oldest campers alike — canoeing for kids is an experience not to be missed. Adirondack’s canoeing camp program offers something for the complete novice, the advanced solo paddler, and everyone in between.

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Beginning canoers practice basic strokes and maneuvering techniques in our beautiful and protected Lake George cove. Campers become familiar with canoe lingo and terminology so as to safely venture further and further from shore. Intermediate paddlers practice in the stern as they learn the “ways of the water” and how to manipulate it to get your boat where you want it, and when. Advanced paddlers hone their skills; combining strokes, adapting to wind conditions, navigating and self-rescuing. The most adept paddlers will have time solo paddling, tackling multi-day wilderness trips, and helping to teach the less experienced boaters.

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The Adirondack Camp canoe fleet includes fiberglass canoes, aluminum canoes and, for those more advanced paddlers, the original Old Town wooden boats, all stable enough to be handled by two people in choppy conditions. On special occasions at our summer camp, kids have the opportunity to race our two monster 10-person Old Town war canoes! For those artistic boaters, we even offer a paddle painting class where campers can create their own functional works of art.

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Skills learned at camp are very important to adventurous campers who long to experience one of our wilderness adventure trips. Travel further down scenic Lake George and set up camp on one of the many rustic islands, or paddle the wild ponds and distant waters of the Adirondack Wilderness. Spend just one night a day’s paddle from camp or several days along the Bog or Racquet Rivers discovering new fishing spots and portaging to the next hidden cove.

The first campers at Adirondack packed in after a twenty-five mile paddle up from the southernmost shore of Lake George. And as it has for over 100 years, canoeing remains a popular activity at our kids’ camp. Apart from the means to enjoy a trip away from camp, canoeing for kids provides endless social opportunities, unlimited chances to get wet on a hot summer’s day, and an outstanding view of Adirondack Camp. When you’re out on the water in a canoe, Camp’s natural beauty really shines and you’ll see what we’re talking about.

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