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Windsurfing for kids is fantastic at Adirondack Camp. Our peninsula, located on the northern, undeveloped end of the thirty-mile wind tunnel known to most as Lake George, is a windsurfer’s paradise! Windsurfing at camp allows campers to progress from learning to simply balance on the board, through tacking and jibing, to using a harness and foot straps for maximum wind-harnessing potential.

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Our dynamic fleet allows windsurfers of all skill levels to fully enjoy the waters and winds of our Lake George kids' camp.

Our talented windsurf camp staff and ever-growing fleet cater to all ability levels. Adirondack Camp’s “quiver” of almost twenty boats boasts a wide variety of sail sizes from 1.5 m2 for our smaller windsurfing kids, to 7.0 m2 for those up to the challenge. We feature a range of Kona and Exocet boards, which provide stability for beginners and hydroplaning ease for those more advanced. Each piece of gear in our windsurfing program has been chosen to fit the needs of children and teens so they have the best experience possible. Our dynamic fleet allows windsurfers of all skill levels to fully enjoy the waters and winds of our Lake George kids’ camp.

No other windsurfers know Lake George like our experienced staff. Many of our windsurfing camp instructors have grown up surfing off our very own peninsula! Class sizes rarely exceed ten campers, and the staff to camper ratio stands at 1:3 to offer the optimum learning environment. In fact, counselors often ‘tandem’ windsurf on the same board with our smaller windsurfing kids to give personalized, on-the-spot instruction. Adirondack Camp windsurfers learn the basics of the sport and progress to racing and freestyle tricks. With the potential to move at twice the speed of the wind, it is no wonder that windsurfing is one of the fastest and most popular activities at our summer kids’ camp.

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