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Our summer camp Archery program allows kids to gain experience with all the necessary equipment. From re-curves for beginners to quality competition archery bows with sights and aluminum arrows for advanced competitors. At our archery range, every summer camper has the chance to become the next Robin of Loxley (aka Robin Hood), William Tell (though we do not shoot apples off our heads) or even Katniss Everdeen!

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Adirondack camp activities land sports archery.jpg?ixlib=rails 2.1

Each member of our camp staff is certified as a National Archery Association Level 1 instructor and is trained and supervised by Ron Kumetz, our Senior Archery Advisor, who is an NAA Level 3 coach. That means champion archer! With the help of Ron, we have constructed one of the finest archery ranges in the area. This beautiful range is nestled in the woods, has a 30-yard maximum shooting distance and a giant canopy provides much-needed shade on those hot days. The targets are large, modern foam circles with small and daring bulls-eyes. As soon as you master them at one distance, we move them back further… and further… and further.

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Archery is an Olympic sport. It is also a terrific solo sport – that is, it can be fun just to always be going for personal bests. Campers have the chance to earn unique colored dog tags which they can achieve by shooting a set score at a certain distance. These dog tags begin at white and get harder and harder to earn, finishing at the much-coveted golden dog tag, reserved for only the most dedicated of archers.

So come up to the archery range at Adirondack Camp and get that bullseye!

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