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Special Adventures

Wilderness & Trips
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The following are optional “Special Sign-up” Adventures at Adirondack Camp. While there are additional fees associated with a few of these trips, most are free. Parents will be contacted if a charge should apply.

White-Water Rafting

Hudson River

Travel the wild and scenic Hudson River in a group raft with an Adirondack Wilderness Adventure Leader as well as an experienced white-water guide as you marvel at the power contained within its channel. Open to all campers with swimming experience.

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Floating Classroom

Lake George

From earthquakes and glaciers, to storm water and invasive species, come aboard the LGA’s floating Classroom to learn all about Lake George and how to keep its water clean and clear. On board, you’ll enjoy a hands-on adventure and learn all about Lake George water quality. You will find out what makes Lake George unique. You’ll measure water clarity, catch zooplankton, and test pH and temperature. You’ll find out if Lake George is healthy, and what you can do to help keep it that way.

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Activity-Themed Trips

Seasonal Offerings

Every summer we offer many different kinds of trips in addition to our regular Wilderness Tripping and In-Camp programs.

With ADK Arts, campers may visit the local thrift store to gather fabrics to cut up for Project Runway, attend local theatre troupe productions, and visit the Adirondack Museum or Fort Ticonderoga. Arts trips to regional arts and craft centers where campers have the opportunity to work with local artisans are also on offer. Try your hand at spoon carving, collaging, blacksmithing, or birdhouse crafting!

Do you like competitive basketball, soccer, fencing, and archery? Our Land Pillar has on-going rivalries with local camps to give our campers the chance to compete in their favorite land activity. Rock climbing is not left out of our trip opportunities. Interested campers can take their skills to the next level on nearby granite (some of New York’s best rock climbing routes can be found right in the Adirondacks) through our relationship with high quality local professionals.

If the perfect summer means you never leave the water, don’t worry, qualified campers can participate in trips for most Waterfront activities: SUP, kayaking, canoeing, windsurfing, sailing, fishing and even a waterski/wakebaord trip for our advanced skiers. Our location and relationship with awesome local mentors have allowed campers to set and follow their sights.

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