SUP — Stand-up Paddleboarding


Legend has it that Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP) got its start in the Hawaiian Islands. This ancient form of surfing has reemerged as a hot new sport, and Lake George is the perfect place to learn. Due to popular demand, Stand Up Paddleboarding is the fastest growing watersport in the world and Adirondack Camp offers a full SUP camp program. We have a fleet of SUP boards along with high performance racing/touring boards. Our two ginormous Megladons, the aircraft carriers of our SUP fleet - each can hold an entire cabin - are super fun for evenings on the water!

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At Adirondack Camp kids can learn this super fun sport. Paddleboarding is all about balance, so age is no barrier to becoming proficient at this cool sport. Kids SUP using adjustable paddles, and younger campers may choose to have a counselor on board until they feel comfortable. Once the group is up, they’re off, and can be found just about anywhere around the peninsula. SUPers love paddling over and peering down at Crazy Kate’s boat! Lifejackets are required, so jumping off the board and into the lake makes every class wicked fun. In addition, our advanced SUP campers take extended trips to the islands of Lake George using their boards to explore the entire lake. Adirondack Camp was one of the first summer camps to embrace the sport of SUP and it is one of the most popular activities on our awesome waterfront!

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