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Ah, the wonderful joy of kayaking at summer camp! Easily one of the most popular activities at Camp, the kayaking program is attractive and accessible to all. Our passionate and experienced instructors will be kayaking with kids to introduce them to all the tricks of this awesome water sport from the wet-exit to the cartwheel. What better way to learn than by kayaking camp’s beautiful lake waters at the foot of the Adirondack Mountains?

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First-time boaters at our summer camp for kids begin by learning the equipment basics; life jackets, skirts, parts of the kayak and paddle. Campers spend time learning the various kinds of paddle strokes and fundamentals of safe boat handling. Balance and posture also play a very important role in kayaking and each paddler receives specific one-on-one instruction in correct torso rotation and wet exits. Intermediate level paddlers venture further and further onto Lake George as they fine tune their boat handling skills; kayak over kayak rescues, J-leans, C-turns, various rolls and the strengthening of their strokes.

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Advanced kayakers have the opportunity to get out and test their skills on white-water adventure trips on the Sacandaga and Hudson Rivers in Upstate New York. Accompanied by our kayaking instructors, as well as NY certified kayaking guides, campers learn how to scout and read the water for safety, execute whitewater rolls and “play in the holes” created by these awesome rivers’ rapids. Our most advanced and experienced campers venture to the world-class whitewater of the Ottawa River in Ontario. This incredible experience allows our campers to take their kayaking to the next level providing the inspiration for a lifetime of river adventures.

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The utmost care is taken for this activity and our kayaking camp instructors are chosen for their years of experience and levels of certification. Camper to counselor ratios are no more than 4:1 for this activity in order for the maximum level of safety and tailored instruction to occur. Camp’s plethora of kayaks includes boats of all colors, shapes and sizes and has all the necessary kayaking camp gear. We are limited by nothing but hours in the day. So join us for fun and frivolity at the kayaking dock, where skirts are a must and attitude is everything.

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