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Typical summer cmap swimming programs for kids are fine, but who wants to learn to swim in a pool? What better place for teaching swimming lessons than in the pristine waters of northern Lake George? Adirondack’s summer camp for kids has five unique natural areas where campers swim daily. Campers may take the wooded trail along the lake to Spider Rock, a large granite outcrop where they practice diving and sunbathing! Senior Point is another favorite spot, with the flag snapping crisply in the constant breeze. Playing on the floating watermat nearby Intermediate Dock is a reward after busy swim classes and the calm water of Junior Cove with the shallow, sandy bottom, is just the perfect depth and temperature for our beginning swim kids. Stillwater swim area offers the flatest water for practicing strokes even on the windiest of days. The canoe dock, on the other side of the peninsula, is the take off point for the Big Triangle Swim.

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Swimming and Waterskills is the only required instructional activity at Adirondack Camp. Why? Water sport activities are at the heart of our children’s summer camp program. A good swim stroke makes common sense when you live in a place surrounded by water. There are certain other waterfront camp activities, as well, that require minimum proficiencies in swimming. And, besides, swimming lessons will serve you well forever. If you give us a few hours a week, we’ll make it fun and you’ll be amazed how far you can take these skills.

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At Adirondack, we include “Waterskillz” as an integrated part of our traditional swimming instruction because we believe that proficiency and safety on the water go beyond the basics of swim strokes. We’ve developed a program that builds swimming competency while also allowing campers to grow confidence in a variety of aquatic endeavors. Campers rotate through a different area of focus each week: Diving & Rescue, Swim Strokes, Water Games, and Snorkeling. Each focus area includes swimming instruction while providing variety and exciting opportunities to grow individual skills. Diving & Rescue teaches self and group rescue procedures and dives. Swim Strokes develops an individual’s technique and stamina, Water Games introduces water polo and other games, and Snorkeling takes campers into the crystal clear depths of Lake George.

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Our instructional kids’ swimming camp program is based on the American Red Cross Learn-to-Swim Program, which ranges from introductory lessons for new swimmers to pre-lifeguarding skills for advanced swimmers. Every swim level emphasizes personal safety as well as stroke refinement. We are always delighted when a camper meets the requirements of a swim level and can be moved up to the next group! Our kids swimming program is closely supervised by certified American Red Cross Lifeguards and Water Safety Instructors; we proudly exceed the number of lifeguards required by the American Camping Association and the state of New York.

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In addition to daily swimming lessons, campers may choose to take a refreshing recreational swim twice daily and on some warmer days even more often. Swimming awards include the John Burton Fiery Award as well as recognition for swimming the Big Triangle, a 1.74 mile open water challenge swim that is a prized Camp tradition. We also offer an annual intra-camp Blue/White Swim Meet during the summer, with competitive events for every level of swimmer.

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