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Meet the Owners

Linda Goodwin and Alex Levitch

The Levitch-Goodwin Family has owned and operated Adirondack for over thirty of the summer camp’s one hundred plus years.

Alex attended Adirondack for four years as a boy, which started his passion for traditional summer camps. He and Linda met and fell in love as undergraduates at the University of Michigan. During the courting years, one of the first places Alex took Linda to visit was to his old Lake George summer camp in New York. It would not be until several years later that camp truly entered their lives, when they rediscovered it as parents of a ten year old girl, that is!

Though not yet a coed camp, Adirondack had transformed into a brother/sister camp with a nearby overnight summer camp for girls. And so, Linda and Alex’s daughter, Shawn began her own relationship with Adirondack, to be followed in more recent years by her children, Zan and Arion.

During their tenure, Alex’s and Linda’s roles in the Camp have evolved considerably. Linda has taken on full time responsibility for overseeing all Camp operations. With a facilities and management team that is like extended family – she describes her job as infusing “a little bit of extra judgment," especially when dealing with a child’s needs.

“It’s principally management by exception. Our director and assistant director grew up here. Our facilities manager started here with us almost at the beginning. These people and their people know exactly what they are doing. They make 95% of the decisions during the summer.”

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“Alex? Well, Alex is Alex. He is the ultimate protector of the Dream – of our philosophical bearings and our ultimate promise to our campers. For years, his career helped to pay for new roofs, walk-in freezers, a sewer system.”

With a JD from Columbia Law School and Linda firmly in charge of the Camp, Alex has pursued an international business career; and is currently finishing his first novel. They live year-round at Adirondack Camp with their niece, Kyrstie, who attended Camp for ten years.

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