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The Adirondack Story

Adirondack Camp's Totem Pole

Oh! Adirondack Ours’…

There’s a place up north carved from bedrock and nestled deep in the oldest mountains over which eagles soar. It floats, there, three sides of it, on the spring-fed waters of a most wondrous, sparkling lake.

The Original People embraced its natural power, while the god of the four winds spread o’er the land the scents of inspiration and transformation.

Camp girl and staffer near Adirondack Camp

A safe place, a coed summer camp for kids, protected just for children by guardians who never forget what it was like, once upon a time, to be children themselves.

A place denoted by its sounds—waves lapping on the shore; warm summer breeze blowing across; crackling campfires—and everywhere, the undercurrent of children’s laughter punctuated, now and then, by shouts of glee and wonder.

A changeless constant in the lives of those lucky few of us who’ve come from around the world to grow up, here, through the generations-this is a place where the days are almost timeless, but for the extra-special moments the bugler has marked off for o’er a hundred summers, now.

We enter this place with a special password–Noonway(!)–good for coming and going. No need to whisper it, as only the children and their guardians can remember it.

Campers join together under the moon.

Say Noonway(!), once, and the grind of our normal busy lives is gone. Say it again and, so, here we are-transported to any part of one more timeless day-climbing yet another sheer cliff face or else directing the last scene for the movie we’re making or filleting the fish we caught to share with our cabin mates.

When night comes, we’ll tuck ourselves in under warm blankets and count the billion stars or so that light up the sky. Or we’ll sneak a flashlight under the covers to finish a good story. When it storms, we’ll pull the side tarps down and listen for the raindrops pelting their canvas skins.

This is a place of open-air cabins, floating wooden docks and Old Town canoes. It’s the simple and lasting pleasures that this place teaches us to seek.

The 12 Secrets of the Great Summer Camp

Be the bellwether in times of tidal wave change. Present a throwback to simpler times – with open-air cabins, floating wooden docks and Old Town canoes, a bugler who marks the day with Reveille and Taps, and only the moon and the stars to illuminate the night.

And it is these same lessons, coupled-all under the guise of having fun-with comradeship and personal accomplishment, that transform us and send us home each summer’s-end… life changing!


Our Philosophy About Summer Camp

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