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1921 - 1945

Adirondack Camp

Mrs. Adelaide Brown Era

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Mrs Adalaide Brown

Images and information on Mrs Adalaide Brown are even harder to come by than for her husband, Dr. Elias G. Brown, the man who founded the camp. The only known images of Dr. Brown show him posing with the entire group of campers and staff starting in 1905, and the only images of his wife show her standing in the back row and then stolidly sitting front and center with dozens of boys and men surrounding her, occasionally with a nurse thrown in for good measure.

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Transport yourself to the years 1921-1945 and discover more of our histroy. Delve into documents and photographs showcasing various activities, including woodwork, boxing, wrestling, cabin life, and waterfront scenes. Experience the camaraderie captured in cozy cabin interiors and explore vintage brochures and old applications for insights into the traditions and values that have shaped Adirondack Camp’s enduring legacy. Join us in this exploration of the past, where each image and document offers a window into the cherished moments defining our camp’s history.

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1926 - Formal all camp photo
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1927 - Jr Camp & Counselors
Take a look inside our Dining Hall, this photo from 1928 shows the original round and rectangle tables as well as chairs that you still see around camp to this day.
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1928 - Dining Hall
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1938 - Application for Membership

The Adirondack Eagle

August, 1936

Camp life consists of three parts; Anticipation, Participation and Realization. To learn as we play and play as we learn is the aim of camp life.

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Take a look insides our cabins with these photos taken between 1935 and 1940. You may be surprised at how similar the cabins still look today

Below you can browse some of the activities that campers looked forward to taking part in during 1935, 1936 and 1937

One activity that we encourage not to do is a 1942 favourite, Canoe Jousting!

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1942 - Canoe jousting
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1943 - Dining Hall

The Adirondack Eagle

August, 1945

Two minutes to go till inspection yells Bart. Immediately orders are given by everybody, poker chips fly into their boxes, comic books are put into the trunks, and general pandemonium breaks loose.

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