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One of the very best features of Camp is that we are located on our very own peninsula in the middle of the Adirondack Mountains! Being surrounded by so much water is what makes ADK unlike any other camp. That being said, it means that we have A LOT of activities on the water and many that involve swimming, including our wonderful swimming/water skills activity. There are so many wonderful areas to swim around Camp and we would like to introduce you to them!

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Junior Cove

Hi, I’m Junior Cove! I’m just your everyday swim area next door. I love a quick Polar Bear session in the morning, a general swim before lunch, and hanging out with all the Juniors during a Jump-In/ Jump out. I also think that I have the best view of Camp because from my dock you can see Black Mountain, Intermediate Dock, and Sailing Dock! I just love to watch all the campers having a blast on the water. I even get to see the likes of Blue/White water polo and Swim Meet! I’m also where the Beginner swimmers have their class! I’m perfect for beginners because my water is the shallowest and the warmest in Camp, and I have a sandy bottom! But don’t get me wrong, I love campers with all different kinds of swim experience!

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Intermediate Dock

Heeey! I’m Intermediate Dock! I’m named perfectly because I fall right in the middle of difficulty level when it comes to Camp swim areas! I’m nice and deep too which makes for perfect cannonball jumps. But I also have a ledge that is perfect to stand on if you’re a little unsure about the depth. And I’m home to Camp’s very own floating slide dock! I love watching campers having fun and sliding down. You can hear the giggles all the way on the other side of the Cove! I’m also stop number two on the Small and Medium Triangle! I hope to see you in the Summer!

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Spider Rock

Noonway, I’m Spider Rock. I like to think of myself as being the most unique swim area in Camp. I’m nice and secluded; and from my rock you can see all the way into Junior Cove. Some people like to joke that I’m called Spider Rock because my Rock Island is covered in spiders, but it’s actually because, from above, the rock formations at the bottom of my swim area spread out and look like the body and legs of a spider. I think that’s pretty cool. A short walk into the trees and there I am! I even contain one of the only two places you can dive in Camp! I’m definitely a swim area for the more advanced swimmers, but I get to see everyone as they work their way up in the Swim Program! Also I love when campers in kayaking and canoing come and vist!

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Still Water

I may be still but I am anything but boring! I get to hang out with the Canoers and watch the Water Ski and Wake Boarders! I’m often caught in the middle of the friendly competition of those two popular activities! I get to see all the action! I get to swim with Intermediate swimmers and up. I am the Senior Girls’ favorite Jump-In/Jump-Out spot (especially after Project Color Runway!) My view from Camp is one of the most iconic and what people associate with Camp, Anthony’s Nose! It’s big and beautiful and I get to look at it every day! Come swim with me and you will too! And if you are up for the challenge come here to start your Big Triangle swim!

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Senior Point

Nooners Y’all! I’m Senior Point and I am one of everyone’s favorite swim spots in Camp! I’m definitely not for the faint of heart. I am the most advanced swim spot in Camp and have AH-MAZING views! It’s Black Mountain all the way, baby! I get wavy and you’re always in for a good time at Senior. I pride myself on being the best spot to catch some sun on the Peninsula, as well as getting to hang out with the windsurfers and watching watch them and Sailing zoom around the lake. I’m close to the Senior Boys’ cabins so I chill with them in the mornings during Polar Bear, as well as chillin’ with all the Seniors during their “Beach Party” Line Nights. I may not have a beach, but I’ve got windswept shores of stone, and it doesn’t get any better than that, dude.

The Swim Areas cannot wait to meet the new faces coming to Camp this Summer, as well as seeing all those familiar friends that have swam in beautiful Lake George in previous years. Swimming at Camp is one of the best things to do over the summer and WE LOVE LAKE GEORGE!