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At Adirondack Camp we have some awesome and unique Trips Quests over land and water in the Adirondack Park for our campers to accomplish over their years as campers. Are you working towards completing your Lake George 5 or becoming a 46er? This summer we have created some new Quests for you to work towards on local outdoors adventures.

Day Tripper

  • Plan your route and prepare all of your essential safety and comfort gear.
  • Walk, run, or hike at least 5 miles.
  • Pose for a picture in front of something that made you wonder, made you curious, or inspired you to ask a question.

Trippin Out Front

  • Take the time to be the expert of your own environment. City, suburb, or country, be the one who knows! Learn the names of all the plants, insects, flowers, people, places and secret nooks in your home and neighborhood.
  • Go outside every morning and listen to the sounds of the world.
  • Pay attention to the changes throughout the day, give them your own special names, make a map that makes sense to only those who “know”.
  • Take photos, draw pictures, create stories for the things you see. Give them a life that may exist only in your imagination.
  • Find out how they are affected by what is happening in the world. Be an advocate for their safety. Tell everyone what makes them special.
  • Introduce your parents & siblings to the special places in your environment.
  • Trippin isn’t limited to hiking mountains, climbing cliffs or paddling rivers.

Garden Quest aka working on Growth:

  • Plant seeds, chart and nurture their growth.
  • Lay on the grass and watch the clouds – for a loooong time… if it moves you, learn about the types of clouds and what changes they signal for our weather.

Herbie’s Commute

  • Swim the Big Triangle, 1.6 miles.
  • You can add up shorter lengths.

Happy Camper

  • Sleep outside for one night, with proper preparation.

Call of the Wild

  • Identify at least 3 local bird species, and at least 3 other local critters.


  • Climb 10 different trees.


  • Hike, walk, or run for 1 hour; bike for 2 hours, and swim for 20 minutes.

Expand your horizons:

  • Face a fear, learn about it, find a way to manage it’s impact on your life.
  • Read! Read! Read! Especially work by authors that come from backgrounds different from yours.
  • Write a letter to a family member far away (not an email, a letter!).
  • Take a rest hour every day – use that time to write, think, create, slow down, and, for Pete’s sake, Daydream.