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There is a common phrase we all know; “it is the simple things that matter”. At Adirondack Camp, this phrase is in fact a way of living. We have no electronics, no mobile phones, no game consoles, and no Ipads. Our cabins do not even have electricity! Instead, campers and staff fully embrace nature and meaningful connections with each other. Goodbye, gaming and binging the latest dope series, hello afternoon swims and campfires.

It is precisely these ‘simple’ things that make Camp so special! Instead of campers asking for five more minutes of watching TV before bed, they are asking for five more minutes of storytelling. Instead of a group chat with the entire class, we have ‘Senior chill’ where everyone hangs out and talks to each other around the campfire. Instead of a video game tournament between friends, we have a volleyball match on our lakeside sand court for cabin prizes. All these activities that may seem too basic in today’s world are exactly what everyone looks forward to at Camp.

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It is the simple but meaningful moments that bring us together– whether having a catch-up chat on everything that’s happened over the previous ten months or engaging in a friendly competition on the basketball courts. Often the little things we may take for granted in our everyday lives are overlooked, but especially now, they are vital and make for fun and memorable moments.

Our campers and staff are counting down the days and months until we can all reconnect on our beautiful peninsula.This simple living is the most straightforward way of living; and when it happens at Adirondack Camp, it is, in fact, most extraordinary.