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Santa Beard Advent Calender


  • Construction Paper or Card Stock (Green, Red, White, and Pink)
  • Elmer’s Glue
  • Scissors
  • Black Marker
  • Cotton Balls


  1. Start by cutting out all of the necessary components for your Santa. Cut a small face out of the pink paper, a hat out of the red paper, and a mustache (and trimming for the hat) from the white paper.
  2. Using the black marker, add two eyes to the pink face.
  3. Construct your Santa face by gluing all of the pieces onto your green paper…making sure to leave enough room for his beard and the little message that goes along with the advent calendar.
  4. Below Santa’s mustache, write the numbers 1-24 (in somewhat of a beard shape).
  5. Using a leftover piece of white paper, write down the message/instructions. Glue the instructions to the green paper.
  6. Hang your advent calendar in a spot where your child can easily reach. Keep some Elmer’s glue and a handful of cotton balls nearby. As each day in December passes, have your kiddo glue one cotton ball onto Santa’s beard. The beard will be completely full on Christmas Eve!

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