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Why 2021 is the Best Summer to be a New Camper!

Despite being in a global pandemic for more than a year, we are finally starting to see some positive changes. More places are starting to safely re-open, vaccines are becoming more widely available, and Adirondack Camp will be welcoming us all back in a couple of months for its 118th summer.

The way camp runs will be a bit different from how it used to be, but adapting has been in our blood for over a century. Even with some adjustments to how we do things, we’re still going to have the same amount outrageous fun together on the peninsula! And if you’re a new camper, this is the best summer for first-timers because:

1. Nobody knows what to expect.

This is a year where Camp is making some changes to accommodate the times we are in and keep our community safe. That means there are no new or typical returning campers as we are all in Adirondack Camp for the first time since Covid-19. And even for our “returning” campers, they haven’t been back since 2019 so everything will feel in some ways like the first time.

As a new ADK family, it’s normal to have LOTS of questions. And this summer, it’s going to feel like every camper is a new camper in some ways. For instance, no one is going to know how the schedule works. And with even more cabin bonding, new campers will quickly be swept into the fun chaos at Adirondack Camp along with everyone else.

2. The changes we are making will be new to everyone.

Returning campers will notice some changes, but you as a new camper have no idea how we usually run camp so these changes won’t affect you in the slightest. Because you’ve never had a weekly schedule you’ll just embrace the notion of activities that change daily to start. We are so excited for you to walk onto our peninsula and make the most of a memorable summer at Adirondack camp.

3. You will have the FUN of two summers wrapped into one!

As we were unable to hold camp last summer we all missed our favorite part of the year once already. So we are coming for camp this summer with a vengeance. When we cancelled camp last summer, we had already started planning for the next. We even ran a small family camp which better enabled us to plan for this summer too! We have and will continue to put all our energy into this summer. We want to make this experience we can all look back on as a summer for the ages.

4. We’ve thought about YOU more than ever.

Our new camper experience is always hugely important to us and we spend a lot of time thinking through how to help you with the transition – whether it is to sleepaway camp or a different camp. But this summer this is more true than ever!

But this year, we are also thinking about how it will feel to be a new camper at ADK after a year of a lot of isolation. So suffice it to say, our new campers are on our minds more than ever, and we will do everything we can to ensure your new camper experience is as awesome as possible!

5. You can drink the Kool-aid too!

For a lot of people, Adirondack Camp is their absolute favorite place on the planet, a place where they can truly be themselves and that they call home. You will get to see first-hand that passion as people return to their home away from home for the first time since 2019.

These are just some of the reasons why this is the best time to be a new camper at Adirondack Camp. One thing you can be sure of, is this will be a summer like no other at Adirondack Camp and we plan to make the most of it!