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Easily one of the most popular activities at camp, our experienced instructors will kayak alongside our campers, introducing them to all the tricks of this incredible water sport, from the wet exit to the cartwheel.

  1. Kayaks were initially invented for hunting

  2. The word kayak means ‘Hunters Boat.’

  3. The world-famous Oskar Speck set the longest kayaking trip on record. Paddling from Germany in 1932 to reach Australia in his 18-foot folding sea kayak. He ended up traveling a staggering 30,000 miles over seven and a half years.

  4. Kayaking was first seen at the Olympic games as a demonstration sport in Paris, France. However, the sport was not accepted as an Olympic discipline until 1936.

  5. When introduced, it was known as “Flat Water Racing.” Since then, there have been many modifications.

  6. European countries dominate kayaking as a sport. Over the Olympic games and the world championships, European countries win 90% of medals up for grabs.

  7. Franz Romer became the first kayaker to cross the Atlantic ocean in 1928. He traveled 4000 miles from Lisbon to Puerto Rico.

  8. Kayakers use the International Scale of River Difficulty to specify the strength of the river’s rapid speed.

  9. On April 21, 2009, Tyler Bradt successfully kayaked Palouse Falls in Washington state at an estimated 189 feet.

  10. Klepper’s were two-person operation-based kayaks used by the USA Marine and British Commandos.