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We are pleased to announce the promotion of Chris Daughtery from Head Counselor to Assistant Director! Chris will join Merritt Duffy in this leadership position.

Chris has been at Adirondack Camp for 15 summers, and during his tenure has contributed in numerous ways to countless individuals and the very fabric of Adirondack Camp. Chris started out as canoe staff (as he says, “the best activity in Camp”) and then spent a handful of years focused on overseeing our boys’ lines. Although at heart, He is a midwesterner, he currently resides near Camp with his dog Titan.

For the past several summers as Head Counselor, Chris has focused his efforts on recruiting and supporting our stellar staff. This last summer he added a new role to his depth of experience in running our CIT program. In addition, in the offseason Chris also supports Adirondack Camp’s marketing efforts by focusing on keeping our Website and social media updated. It is not surprising that Chris was honored with our Gold Eagle for his outstanding service to Camp.

Chris is someone who will always go the extra mile and cares so much about every individual at Camp. Whether he is jumping in to teach a spontaneous adventure period like “Awesome things with Chris”, researching fun toys to add to Carnivale, or encouraging a camp-wide sing along to the Teapot Song, Chris’ caring nature and commitment is evident.

Chris brings a wealth of first-hand experience and knowledge to our peninsula, but above all he brings a passion for camping and a dedication to improving the lives of our campers and staff. We are grateful he is a part of our team and are excited to welcome him to this new role!

Please join Matt and I in congratulating Chris on his well-deserved promotion!


Matt and Shawn