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Ireland FlagFermanagh, Ireland

Creative Arts

Hello besties my name is Cyrín, I am from the sticks of Ireland (Fermanagh) and I am 24 years old. This will be my second year at Camp as the Creative Arts specialist! Last year I graduated from Belfast School Of Art with a BA in Fine Art - Sculpture/Lens. I would consider myself a mixed media artist and I am always ready to experiment with new materials. Since graduating, I have spent the past year working on two solo art shows and one group show. Whenever I am not making art, I spend my time hanging out with my two nieces (which usually ends up with me face painting) and I also work part time in a Toy Shop. Apart from that I am an animal lover and live on a friendly farm with plenty of donkeys, cows, 2 dogs and a lot of wild deer.

This year I am looking forward to seeing old friends and faces and meeting new campers and staff and all the camp dogs <3! I am physically, mentally and spiritually ready for the good weather and I can’t wait to make more blob sculptures but TBH I am mostly excited for the highly anticipated and critically acclaimed ADKChella. Outside of Creative Arts, I am eager to do more Rock Climbing and SUP.

I hope that this summer I can inspire the campers to take creative risks and embrace the spectrum of colour!