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Flag USAUlster County, New York

Electronic Arts Video

Hey there! I’m Maggie, 21, and hail from Ulster County, New York. I graduated last May from SUNY Ulster with an A.S. in Fine/Visual Arts, and am now in Providence, Rhode Island, studying at RISD in the Film/Animation/Video program with a focus on Animation. Although I work with a lot of 2-D drawings, I have a lot of love for live-action! In my free time, I’m usually reading, watching as many movies as I can, and/or learning random trivia. Lately, though, I’ve been super into playing Tetris between homework assignments.

This will be my first summer at Adirondack Camp, and I’ll be the Video Electronic Arts counselor this summer as well as working with the creative arts team in general. I’m excited to be in the mountains of New York again, but I’m especially looking forward to meeting everyone there and finding a new community to be a part of! I’m really looking forward to extending my love and adoration for video-making this summer with others and hopefully showing people the kind of community that can be brought together through video-making.

I hope to help campers feel more confident in roles in front of and/or behind the camera - there’s endless fun that can be found in both positions! Overall, I hope to help everyone leave camp this summer on a high