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USA FlagStowe, VT, USA

Camp Dog

My name is Oliver, but my hoomans call me Ollie. When I’m outside I feel my truest, most dogg-o self. My favorite thing to do outside in the summer is blow bubbles in any creek, river, pond or lake I can sniff out, usually pulling out sticks or rocks and waving them around so all the hoomans can see what a good dog I am. In the winter I am the best snowball catcher in all of Vermont and probably the world, and if I’m not catching snowballs I’m digging to find more snowballs (I think they are buried under the snow, just a theory.) I love meeting new dogs and hoomans too! I am always looking for new hiking buddies and I hear camp is a great place to find these kinds of folk. I am a happy, 10 month old Collie-Lab mix that just loves to play! See you on the peninsula!